U.S. ramps up aid in Pacific Islands summit as China clout grows


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Among U.S. pledges at the summit was $20 million for the Solomon Islands to develop tourism. In contrast to China's hands-off mercantilism, the four-year U.S. program will focus on empowering women and finding alternatives to logging.

In a corporate welfare competition with China, the losers will be the American people.

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Biden do not have a vote of confidence,in his own party ,60 of Democrats say he should not run,these are party members,these are voting Democrats,they did not vote to be engaged in foreign affairs ,

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America is very afraid of China now. Have they seen Chinese warships sailing around Antartica?

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Elephant,they were sailing around Alaska with the Russian navy

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in other words US is loosing own ground at their "backyard" in Pacific so bribery is coming into effect.sure China is big threat for US interests in that area and you see with happened to them at Solomons...

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I think you have mistaken the Arctic for Antarctica

China and Russia are working on a new economic zone that's near Alaska.

As always the USA is playing catch up

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I wish the Islanders would just say to them all "Leave us alone" ... "Avatar" style.

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They cannot hide their despair and impotence at losing world hegemony with the Great Dragon of the East..

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So, basically while China is actually treating the countries of its 'backyard' as equals capable of making their own decisions, the US is trying to use cash to make them subordinates, their futures tied to the political whims of Washington lobbyists, and their trade and foreign policies set to serving American interests.

How long do you think it will be before those who don't sign up are subjected to regime change operations?

How long do you think it will be before those who did sign up, but have something that America's oligarchs want a and don't give it to them on the oligarchs terms are subjected to regime change operations?

And how long do you think it will be before finding out it can no longer set the terms of global economic and trade policies will see the US turn protectionist and isolationist, and openly racist politicians start reducing the 'aid' and 'unfair trade policies' these 'bleephole countries' receive?

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