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U.S. slaps new sanctions on N Korean, Chinese firms


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More new sanctions? Shouldn't the US have already used every messure of sanctions available long ago? Especially when Donald Rumsfeld was allowed to sell advanced nuclear technology to NK back in 2000. Even the pentagon said that sale could lead to NK adavacing their nuclear capability. Where was the outcry then?

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Once all possible sanctions are applied and NK still isn't willing to give up their nukes or even negotiate, then there are no options left. It is up to NK's government on what happens to their country next

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Why does china take this? They should sanction American countries. Also America doesn’t own international waters.

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The sanctions are of no value. It is just a show. Any country that thinks that the "nuclear cloud" only goes west after the destruction of NK is absolutely wrong. Kim thinks he can survive hiding in a spider hole like Hussein, but he has to come up to survive. Meanwhile, China and the rest of the world will see that the nuclear waste comes home to rest. Why don't the leaders of all the Asian countries understand that the problem and results are in their front yards?

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If you are living in the NE Asian region, you might want to think twice about celebrating as the screws are tightened on NK. Remember this: it will be you and yours that are on the front line if this all kicks off.

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Watch the documentary 'Clinton Cash' . It tells what North Korea is doing wrong.

I'm sure Trump/Kushner are linked to a foundation that earns them a bunch of extra $$$.

If NK is happy to donate to Trump/Kushner NGO as India did with Clinton North Korea will be allowed to have all the nukes it wants.

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