U.S. approves $1 billion in new arms sales to Taiwan


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The US should formally recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and sponsor membership in the UN. I can't think of anything that would get China to be more angry. Then we could get back to removing "China" off all the maps, company names and airport destinations inside Taiwan. It would force much of the world to decide - r u with us and Taiwan or against us and Taiwan?

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If the US is willing to sell arms to Taiwan, then why won't it recognize Taiwan as an independent nation? Same question should be asked of the vast majority of countries worldwide, of which only a handful grant Taiwan diplomatic recognition.

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One of the few things this administration has done that I agree with. I would argue that a large sale of F-35 B’s that could take off and land from unprepared airstrips thus negating China’s missiles is in order.

Counter strike weapons that can hold PRC Missile sites and industrial centers at risk as well.

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Pathetic Taiwan, never able to get out of the dark and dirty shadow of Big Brother for so many years..

Another new 'advanced' weaponry sales to Taipei from Washington. What for, meant to deploy against China anytime?

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Strong Taiwan preparing to kick China’s arse if they decide to do something stupid

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China should confiscate them.

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Good they need to stand up for themselves they are getting ready for the Chinese invasion.

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While the QUAD is adding more muscles through Japan's recent arms sales to Vietnam and Indonesia, with the $1.8 billion in arms sales and more on its way, the US and its allies would be able to maintain the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, restricting China in its eastward expansion.

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U.S. approves $1 billion in new arms sales to Taiwan

High time, and more support for Taiwan should come. Knock on wood that Trump stays in office; if Biden with his sons profitable CCP connections gets in, support for Taiwan is off the table, and the road for a CCP takeover is open.

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And as these clowns play their military industrial power grabbing narcissistic games, as in ANY and EVERY war, skirmish or ‘regional conflict’, the true, and highest death casualty numbers, are civilian. There are no good guys, no bad guys, only dead guys. Ever get the feeling that we’re doing this all wrong?

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@BigYen... this sale has only to do with recognition as a customer. Nothing political or personal, you understand.

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Good they need to stand up for themselves they are getting ready for the Chinese invasion.

No, most of the world needs to support a strong Taiwan, unless we want more and more of the region to have strong ties with China that are harder and harder to break while the CCP gains more and more power.

China will be strong, it is just the anti-human rights, anti-democratic, current government that is a problem for the world. Just imagine where the mainland Chinese would be if they had a govt similar to Taiwan? They'd have the support from the world, good, fair, competition, and friends everywhere. There wouldn't be any need for military preparing to fight wars with different countries and regional disagreements would be solved by talking, through diplomatic means.

What a wonderful world it would be.

In the meantime, we have the real world where posturing and disagreements fester, unsolved, for decades.

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The US should formally recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and sponsor membership in the UN (TheFlu). 

Considering the US and China are now already in the Thucydides's trap and that China's aggressive expansion in the Southeast Asia Sea and repression in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong are condemned by the world, I believe the US and its allies should do 'whatever it takes' to contain this big bully.

And a free Taiwan is a blow to China's eastward expansion.

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