U.S. blasts China's 'destabilizing' military activity near Taiwan

By Martin Abbugao

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Well as Chinese Military are based on the Russian example, I’m guessing they can absorb massive losses, massive loss of equipment and a never give up attitude once unleashed. Problem is The independent Taiwan is supported by many countries. So it will get messy, And CCP will moan about it being an internal problem but it’s not, Taiwan is an independent country. China is not good at making friends at the best of times.

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Wei had warned Austin that "if anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war no matter the cost",

Absolute proof that China is a war mongering threat to the region. No country in the world is going to invade Taiwan in order to "split" it from China. They don't need to.

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Ah... yes, America.. Tell us more how to not start wars and new conflicts.

What I mean is, I wonder how many new wars China started between 1900-2000 vs. US - thats all I'm saying.

Anyway time to get downvoted to hell :-(

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President Joe Biden, during a visit to Japan last month, appeared to break decades of U.S. policy when, in response to a question, he said Washington would defend Taiwan militarily if it is attacked by China.

Don’t worry the “White House” corrected him. Whoever that is.

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So, is China hosting a gathering of Asian countries that is being boycotted by several major powers in the region, and those attending complaining about China being a destabilizing force in the region, because the US is hosting a gathering of American countries that is being boycotted by several major powers in the region, and those attending complained about the US being a destabilizing force in the region from dat one.

If everyone with a better grip on reality than Trump can see that the US is a destabilizing force in its own region, it seems rather unlikely that it isn't the destabilizing force in China's region.

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On Friday, Wei had warned Austin that "if anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war no matter the cost", according to Chinese officials.

Perhaps he is unaware Taiwan is an island not part of the mainland. Or perhaps he is unaware that Taiwan has been split politically from the Chinese mainland sine the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.

The gall of China to claim ownership of another nation is astounding, like Russian claims to Ukraine and other eastern European nations.

The world will need to be prepared to face a full on world war, or be slowly eaten up by ravenous autocrats and the injustices they force on their citizens in the name of control. I wish it was not headed that way but it appears so. The "end of world preppers" are way ahead of the pack and may well survive the initial nuclear winter. I hope some survive and allow the race to try again in the future. Second times the charm.

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Well as Chinese Military are based on the Russian example, 

Russia took roads and rail into Ukraine from multiple directions, including Belarus. The PRC would have to come by sea from obvious directions. And whatever landing craft China manages to get through would face resistance dating back 60 years.

Taiwan will not declare independence; it knows a red line. And China will not invade: it knows certain defeat. And I wish the PRC would simply stop increasing tensions in the Taiwan strait - it's no better for them than it is for us. Just a bit of juvenile chest-thumping.

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99% of the world recognized that Taiwan is a part of China, even the Americans.

If American stopped provoking China, using Taiwan, China will not be doing what they are doing, which the American say is de stabilizing. In all countries, foreigners selling weapons to non government agencies in another country will be considered provoking, or, even supporting terrorism. Sending government officials to another country without that country clearance, will be considered provoking. All the so call de stabilizing things that the American claimed China is doing in Taiwan, if you follow events, is always after a provocation.

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OKuniyoshiToday 05:02 pm JST

99% of the world recognized that Taiwan is a part of China, even the Americans.

Sorry but the people of the world recognize that Taiwan is NOT part of China and is already an independent nation. Documents signed by governments decades ago do not represent what the people today believe. The fact is nobody but China and its few allies, believe China has the right to take Taiwan by force. That shows what people actually believe or dont.

Lets talk of all the provoking that China does in the region from Taiwan to Japan, from Philippines to Vietnam, from Malaysia to Indonesia, from Canada to Australia with outrageous claims that have no basis in law and no recognition by the international community or the UN.

Nobody causes as much trouble today as China does to so many nations. That is the fact.

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Is “smashing (someone) to smithereens” defense minister talk these days? In the US, it comes across as a phrase one would hear in an elementary-school fight, or something a pirate would say before boarding, just after yo-ho-ho. At any rate, the China’s view about Taiwan is not new, and a ‘don’t mention it’ policy allowed trade to open up. Then Trump mentioned it, China acted aggressively and threatened, Biden mentioned it some more, and now I’m not sure what cause is being furthered by all this tension. Maybe war talk is part of a healing process, but it doesn’t seem beneficial to any of the parties involved.

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USA is sinking, economically and China is on the up. USA knows there's only a small window during which they can still start a war with China.

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So Chinese military activity near China ad apposed to US military activity everywhere?

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As Ukraine is, or was,!a thriving democracy on Russia’s border, so is Taiwan a thriving democracy on China’s doorstep. China, like Russia, has to smother this democracy out before its own natives get wind of it.

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The thing is that China can reduce Taiwan to a beggar province using exactly the method that the US uses to keep Puerto Rico a dependent province.

And that is simply to adopt a policy where a ship has to drop all its Chinese destined cargo, or pick it all up, in a single Chinese port, or go to the substantial expense of becoming licensed to transport cargo INTERNALLY in China, including between Taiwan and the rest of China.

It doesn't need to jack up the rates to ship between Taiwan and China, or forbid such shipments, the extra docking, transfer, and possibly even storage fees for shipping something FROM Taiwan will quickly dry up the market for goods that have to go through the process, and with Taiwan rapidly running up trade deficits, the costs of imports would be soaring. It would take about 5 years before there was a substantial 'let's reunify with China' movement became politically significant in Taiwan, a decade before it became a part of all the parties official platform.

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The vast majority of people in Taiwan want to keep the current situation. Not be independent and not totally in China. Why is the US so keen to stir trouble?

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