U.S. capital locks down as security threats mount


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Thanks, far-right nutjobs.

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Welcome to Trump’s America.

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Welcome to Trump’s America.

Absolutely - four years of Trump and the capitol of our nation now requires more military troops than Baghdad or Kabul...

18 ( +22 / -4 )

Exactly like Cuba, another heavily armed communist banana

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The worrying amount of threats/plots/security threats/armed far right terrorists is not at all helped by 45s enablers trying to make out that what happened last week... was a minor occurrence, and that 45 didn't incite anything.

One thing, though. Trump has certainly incited, accelerated and inspired the far right threat. But, it was there, bubbling under, before him. He deliberately exploited that hatred.

He'll be gone in a matter of days. But that resentment, hatred and violence needs a lot more scrutiny and fixing that merely switching to the next White House occupant.

A lot more.

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Trump's Republicans and others in the extreme far right are unwilling to accept their belief in wack conspiracy theories and even their direct roles in the attacks on the capitol during their failed DEADLY attempt to overthrow the government contributed to the already authoritarian state becoming even more authoritarian.. And worse, they have the gall to play the victim card, even say what they did was done by someone else.

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Exactly like Cuba, another heavily armed communist banana

Well, I guess Trump hates both countries, so there is a similarity. Just not the one the far right are coming up with.

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Nothing like being scarred of your own population, where's my hood? My M4 bump stock so much news it must be fake, which way is the capital?, can't read a map. Guess I'll burn my ctoss here it's the Christian thing to do....what I'm in Mexico? Didn't see a wall, damn Mexicans.

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It never should have to come to this, protecting the nation's capital from a traitor usurper who poses as a POTUS and his fascist terror squads. Donald Trump is America's Worst Enemy. He is a social and political cancer.

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Very similar like the scenarios of Ukraine,Kiev in 2014 when a coup was underway taken rightists! Karma, is karma in return!

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Well done, Democrats. You're turning the capital city into a police state.

Remember folks, that before the election, businesses in Washington were boarding up their shopfronts incase the Democrats lost and riots ensued. Based on the previous 7 months of far-left violence, riots, occupations, deaths and arson.

-21 ( +1 / -22 )

We have to lock down the Capital in order to peacefully (this is peaceful?( transfer power because a band of ignorant racist goobers believed Trump’s lies and incitement and followed his instructions to “take back our government”.

If that’s not impeachable AND criminal, I don’t know what is. I sincerely hope that there are so many indictments waiting for 12:01 that the arresting officers have to stand in line to read Trump his rights.

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Anyone know the odds being offered on a right wing terror attack being attempted? I imagine the odds are quite high.

9 ( +10 / -1 )

Well done, Democrats. You're turning the capital city into a police state.

Run that by us, again.

Which Democrats incited the mob and ran amok in DC?

And aren't you supposed to be all about law & order, blue lives matter, etc?

16 ( +18 / -2 )

Wednesday, deep in conversation, initially an e-mail exchange, later a call, to a college mentor, a esteemed and resected tutor and lecturer in economics, political theory/social sciences.

The venerable lady, made a remark, suggesting, contending I had succumbed to Trumpism, to a Trumpist agenda.

I first I sensed irritation, anger, later as the conversation progressed intolerance to discuss or debate the transcript of the allegation associated with articles of impeachment.

The lady made a clear point Trump has to be expunged from office and the cult of Trump be obliterated from ever obtain future political position of authority.

Is this so-called security threat just a continuation to consign any deviation from a small powerful group of politically privileged entitled, to continue disproportionately holding sway over the "levers of power", of Government, at any cost.

Could it not be that Trumpism must be the snuffed out, and we all must accept this to be an inevitable conclusion.

-15 ( +2 / -17 )

The venerable lady, made a remark, suggesting, contending I had succumbed to Trumpism, to a Trumpist agenda.

Maybe she is correct.

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Never hurts to be humble, Heretic! I have screwed up before and no doubt will do so again. Self reflection and handling problems are good skills to develop.

-5 ( +5 / -10 )

Possibility, GdTokyo, if one believes that Trumpism actually exists.

Or the US constitution so tenuous, so weak, so irrelevant to requires 20,000 armed National Guard troops to protect against a group, one dressed up like horned Viking, Olympus Has Truly Fallen.

-11 ( +1 / -12 )

Wow, the hysterical hyperbole is piling up so fast here we need wings to keep above it (not original).

Not much is hyperbolic about correctly calling out the threat from right wing terrorists. I did like the parenthetical though.

I think some extra security might be a good idea, considering what happened during the LAST inauguration in 2017.

Yes, let’s just skip over all the violence provoked by Trump and teach back not history to hyperbolically describe events that paint the other side in a negative light. No reason to address the most recent riots that Trump instigated.

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Or the US constitution so tenuous, so weak, so irrelevant to requires 20,000 armed National Guard troops to protect 

The US constitution is not weak, which is why it still guides America after 200 years.

The National Guard troops are needed because Trump and his supporters have zero respect for the constitution.

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P. Smith, You are questioning though?

In the back of your mind you must be asking why would it be necessary conducting an impeachment trial on the day of Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris inauguration?

Must have crossed your mind? No?

Trump impeachment trial crashes Biden’s first 100 days....

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

Oh Trumpism exists alright. It’s a cult centered around a dear leader like figure who is so who can do no wrong.

It’s followers are unhinged lunatics who ignore facts and evidence. Loyalty is total until it is not and then they are air-brushed out of the picture.

The cult can only be maintained via an external enemy and a constant sense of grievance.

Fealty isn’t a bug, It’s a feature. Lies are repeated over and over until the followers (and maybe even the dear leader) believe them disregarding all evidence to the contrary.

I wrote this about Trumpism, but it could just as easily apply to the DPRK.

Trumpism exists, it is a cancer. Surgery is scheduled for noon on the 20th.

Radiation and extensive chemo for the next 2-4 years.

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All these people that were involved in this riot or previous that we saw last year as we saw all should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and hopefully these people go to Federal prison where they’ll be looking at 10 years minimum, give them time to think about their actions, I don’t care which side or what radical group you belong to, you need to get a grip, it should all be condemned in the strongest terms, peaceful protests are fine, once you start destroying breaking and entering and destroying anything on Federal grounds you should be hauled away.

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