U.S. carrier, S Korean ships launch drills amid North's threat


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Videos please…anyone have web site addresses ?

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NK firing missiles into the sea is indeed ridiculous. however calling it a threat and overreacting like this is also ridiculous.

If Russian invasion has shown anything, it is the liklihood that NK military is also all mouth and no trousers - tends to be the case in this type of bankrupt, authoritarian regime.

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North Korea could conduct more tests in coming days as it views U.S.-South Korean military exercises as practice for an invasion and often reacts with displays of weapons designed to attack its rivals.

US and South Korean exercises are a threat to North Korea. What do you expect them to do?

What would the US do if NK ships were having exercise off Florida?

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What would the US do if NK ships were having exercise off Florida?

Most likely provide food, fuel and repair facilities cause there is no way they are making it home on their own.

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Stupid posturing by both sides.

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American bullying of NK will not achieve anything. maybe goodbye Tokyo, Guam, Hawaii and LA, but NK can’t win so they have no choice but self defence.

we should concentrate on its cheap workforce, organized work ethics, rare earth metals, tourism and abundant fish stocks. And reunification.

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Look at that old rust bucket !

What a disgrace to the USA military.

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What stupidity spending billions of dollars playing the international little soldier..

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