US destroyers sail close to Chinese-held features in South China Sea as court case looms


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The Chinese should fly dry-runs near the ships simulating an active strafe. The Russians do this all the time. The iranians have already detained a whole USN crew. The Obama administration just doesn't care.

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Chilcot report, you ask?

Wasn't that about countries not minding their own business and invading places half way round the world and pretending it affects them to hide the fact that they have a secret agenda. Oh, in that case, this article is sorta related to Chilcot then.

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"While not close enough to be within 12 nautical miles - a so-called freedom of navigation operation that would require high-level approval—the destroyers operated within 14 to 20 nautical miles of the Chinese-occupied features, the Navy Times reported.

The USS Ronald Reagan and its escort ships have also been patrolling the South China Sea since last week."

Nobody cares the CSG R Reagan sail in the SCS. These ships sail in deep waters where commercial ships sail. Not even China can object to that. Let USN sail till she get tired of her antics.

As for the three destroyers that sail 14-20 NM from Chinese islands, Scarborough Shoal, it is not out of kindness but out of fear they could run aground due to shallow waters, especially if Chinese corvettes, frigates escort them and force them to maneuver into uncharted waters and run aground. Then it would be very embarrassing for USN, much like how she lost a 13' draft ship. On 17 January 2013, Guardian ran aground on Tubbataha Reef. Draft: 33 ft , much deeper and thus more dangerous to sail near Chinese islands, shoals.

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US destroyers sail close to Chinese-held features in South China Sea as court case looms

Wow - Obama is just itching for another war.

Once again, can we have less coverage of penis-waving contests

I can't tell you how sick I am of such misandry. Where are the JT censors to strike out this abhorrent sexism?

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Wolfpack. I think you would blame Obama for your house dust. China cannot be allowed to bully all of the nations it is bullying on regional territory. This is not a prelude to war, China does not want a war and neither does the US. This is indeed a competition of will. One that must be persistent to curtail Chinese expansion goals.

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Look at the size of my Ronald Reagan!

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