U.S. emphasizes diplomacy in standoff with Iran


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What standoff?

Leave them alone, they aren’t harming or threaten American citizens.

MYOB and go home, the Persian Gulf is not your territory.

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How’s that nuclear deal coming along? Has the US position of maximum pressure paid off and is Iran on the verge of meeting all of Trump’s demands?

Seems like they would be by now, unless it didn’t work and we’re stuck with an escalation of hostilities.

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The USA needs to stop sticking it's military might into other area's conflicts and spend those trillions of dollars at home. The USA has major infrastructure issues that could use those trillions to fix them. Foreign countries love that the USA will spend gazillions of $ and all they have to do is sign a piece of paper and buy military equipment. What a sad world we live in.

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Can you believe the utter hypocrisy of the Republicans? Iran shoots down a US drone, hijacks a tanker and attacks Saudi Arabia - if this would have occurred while Obama was President, they'd be screaming for military action. You'd have to peel Lindsey Graham off the ceiling. Moscow Mitch would be shouting appeaser in every sentence.

But when their boy Demented Donnie sits on his hands and talks diplomacy, there's silence....

Diplomacy resulted in the Iran nuclear deal - the one Donnie pulled out of only because Obama negotiated it.

And that pull out has only led us to the brink of war today.

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The American 'desire' to 'embrace' diplomacy is rather like a violent and unfaithful spouse 'desiring' to 'embrace' reconciliation.

There is no desire there to address what they've done, just a desire to find a way of getting away with it, again, so they can do it again.

PS, the tactic of negotiating a compromise, refusing to honour their side, while insisting that the other side must both honour EVERY part of their side, and the starting point for the 'no preconditions' talks is not where things stand when the process started, but rather the 'neutral point' of all of the compromises they agreed to, and none of the compromises you agreed to isn't a Trump creation, but one very identified with the Israeli regime's approach.

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A title worthy of The Onion if ever I saw one...

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U.S. emphasizes diplomacy in standoff with Iran

Diplomacy like working with multiple nations to come to an agreement that would bring Iran into the fold, and remove the world fears of a nuclear Iran?

That would seem like great diplomacy.

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I've seen people in relationships. One of them will do something clearly wrong, then that same person will double down on being angry at the other person for some made-up issue, so that they don't have to address their initial action.

Reminds me of Trump's foreign policy against Iran.

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Anyone seriously believe the "diplomacy" schtick?- Just a ruse to garner more support for another offensive in the Middle East.

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