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Kerry says climate cooperation could redefine U.S.-China ties

By Valerie Volcovici

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It is simply incompetent to send Kerry, a proven Buffoon to negotiate anything. Watch the USA agree to some ridiculous concessions while any foreign nation laughs at the USA.

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Then scratched the plan with a new administration that’s out to rub it in on the previous administration.

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If you both want doublespeak to be the new global language then so be it. Lets all play pretend. Collectivism 101.

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I think they're trying to throw Joe Biden under the bus and are trying to move Kerry back in for 2024... God help us...

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A perfect storm of an article for climate change deniers blind to the Earth currently burning up, anti-Kerry, anti-Biden, anti-lib types and those preaching against a threat of global communism. Something has to be done and someone has to do it otherwise anything we currently do is totally meaningless.

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It's a big shame. The so called powerful nations look quite powerless and timid. Climate care is the need of the hour worldwide. Planet Earth is thirsting for tender care. High temperatures, heat waves, droughts, forest fires, torrential rains and floods, landslides, cyclones, and earthquakes keep increasing each passing year.

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It is simply incompetent to send Kerry, a proven Buffoon to negotiate anything. Watch the USA agree to some ridiculous concessions while any foreign nation laughs at the USA.

I couldn't agree more.

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Is it because China whooped the US military in Vietnam and Korea

Russia was Vietnam's main ally, not China. Vietnam and China went to war against each other soon after, and Vietnam whooped China's ass

Korea ended in a stalemate - that's why there's still a North and South Korea. China surprised the Allies by joining with North Korea, but couldn't push the Allies beyond the 38th parallel

China's economy is in trouble:

"‘Recovery is going from bad to worse’: 6 takeaways from China’s economic data"


Monthly data also released on Monday indicated faltering private confidence, record high youth unemployment and overhanging risk in property market

"Chinese mega-developer Evergrande discloses $81 billion loss from real estate crisis, overdue reports rose to $340 billion in debt"


Developer at the heart of China’s ongoing property crisis lost $81bn in the past two years — more than Google or Microsoft’s entire 2022 profit

"One Reason China Is Willing to Engage Again: Its Troubled Economy"


Now the faltering economy appears to have helped prompt a shift in the willingness of senior Chinese officials to engage in diplomatic talks with geopolitical rivals abroad, and to show more openness on economic policy at home. The change in tone is particularly visible in China’s relations with the United States.

In the past month, China has welcomed three senior American officials to Beijing, including John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy, who arrived on Sunday, and Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, who held 10 hours of meetings with top Chinese officials. Up to three Chinese ministers are expected to travel to Washington in the coming weeks, as the two countries have begun discussing everything from climate change to military issues.

The Chinese government has also been on a charm offensive directed at domestic and international business leaders. During the China Development Forum in March and continuing through the World Economic Forum last month in Tianjin, Li Qiang, the country’s premier and second-highest official, offered his personal reassurances that China is open for business.

Ya don't seem to know what's going on inside China as well as ya should

China has been whimpering back trying to attract other economic leaders again

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RichardPearceJuly 18 10:26 pm JST

China is on track to reach not only its commitments on reducing GHG contributions and to reach its zero carbon emissions on schedule.

Clearly China needs some actual goals as they are still building coal power plants.

And despite all the efforts to frame it otherwise, the US and most of the White Bloc states are the problem, not China.

For your racist evaluation as a whole, Europe is clearly not the problem.

When food is short, it isn't the large family that is individually eating a bare subsistence amount of food, it is the individual gluttons gorging to the point of nausea and throwing their leftovers away that need to do more than promise to someday 'cutting back' to just eating their fill.

There is no bigger bully and anti-environmentalist than China.

PS, remember that the vast superiority of the armed might the French aristocracy had over the French population, the 'let them eat cake' types soon found themselves eating nothing at all.

The CCP should be taking this lesson to heart first.

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HoudiniJuly 18 04:08 pm JST

U.S whining and whimpering about China relations again.

Why is that ?

Because basic decency dictates that countries should work together?

Is it because China whooped the US military in Vietnam and Korea and now China is unstoppable to be the largest economy and military in the world ?

China is now Vietnam? Also nice claim of victory in the Korean War. The US also claims victory. The CCP criminals were forced to the negotiating table after all.

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If Xi would stop with his bellicosity, then the two nations would have a much easier time cooperating on matters such as global warming. The West is not going to cave on the matter of independence for Taiwan, nor on the issue of free shipping in the ocean......at least, not under the current Administration.

One could make the argument that the issue of global warming is much, much more important to the people of the two countries, and to the people of the world, than just about anything else.

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Jim DandyJuly 18  02:08 pm JST

It is simply incompetent to send Kerry, a proven Buffoon to negotiate anything. Watch the USA agree to some ridiculous concessions while any foreign nation laughs at the USA.

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This is so very accurate.

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While Kerry has sought to ring-fence climate issues from wider diplomatic disputes, Wang said during Kerry's previous visit in 2021 that climate could not be separated from broader concerns.

Of course

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