U.S. expects to begin COVID vaccinations in early December


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though health care workers are certain to receive priority,

Respect to all health care workers. It would be nice to think one of the things people everywhere, especially those in power, will learn from the pandemic is how crucial healthcare is to every aspect of existence.

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I really hope this vaccine isn't only useful for 1 strain of the virus and provides protections longer than a few months.

Really don't want to get stuck every quarter for rest of my life.

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That's great news for the US though about half of the population not wanting the vaccine is a concern.

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I absolutely HATE needles and there are heroine addicts that don’t long for a jab as much as I do.

I would even take time off of work and go home if I thought that would speed things up.

The solution for anti-vaxers is pretty simple: no vaccination, no public benefits of any kind. No public education for your kids, no unemployment insurance, no public health assistance, nothing. You want your “perfect freedom but none of the responsibility of living in a society. That’s not in the offering.

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from what i heard, the elderly and healthcare workers would be the first priority to recieve the vaccine. then over time, they’ll distribute it to younger age groups (ie: 60, then 50, 40, and so on) and hopefully, this pandemic would blowover by mid 2021.

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So, there are now 3 vaccines with 90% or greater effectiveness after stage-3 trials.

One requires extraordinary cooling for storage.

The other 2 only need typical refrigeration.

The most recent one (announced today) is 2 doses, 4 weeks apart, is much cheaper to create, but only 90% effective. Nobody on this trial (in the USA and Brazil) needed to be hospitalized.

If the 95% effective vaccines are $700 and the 90% effective one is $50, I'd get the $50 one if it was out-of-pocket. Of course, my insurance will pay, though it is too early to know which vaccine choice will be covered.

There must be a few others vaccines doing well in trials too. Lots and lots of hope for good options.

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I can't get poked in the arm with a Covid-19 vaccine soon enough!

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Desert Tortoise

I can't get poked in the arm with a Covid-19 vaccine soon enough!

... with an untested vaccine for a disease with a mortality rate of 0.03% for those under 70. Right. The media and govt propaganda is working well.

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Basically an untested solution of who knows what, will be injected into the arm.

What are the side effects?

What are the ingredients in the liquid?

All the healthcare professionals in my extended family are not in any hurry to get any type of vaccine without knowing the side effects which we do not have any information about!

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