U.S. growing largest crop of marijuana for research in 5 years


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The oyajis in the Japanese government had better sober up quickly and smell the weed before they find themselves so far behind the curve that they will never be able to catch up to the commercial potential of cannabis about to be exploited by the "hipper" foreign entrepreneurs.

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Nice field of weeeeeed.

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Seems wrong to have it grown in Mississippi where it is most definitely illegal and will likely always be illegal at the state level.

There are experts in Colorado and California with tremendous experience. Literally millions of people in those states should be included in any studies, provided they are already making use and seeing positive results.

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In the medical and scientific community, it's known by it's original name, cannabis.

Colleague of mine, his kid has a rare disorder - multiple seizures every single day. Cannabis is a literal life-saver.

It's been a life saver for my father, who was in chronic pain for years before he took up medical cannabis. He can't drive anymore, but he is so much more coherent, with a significantly improved quality of life.

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The government is the only source of pot for nearly all research in the U.S., while it still considers it illegal and dangerous.

What's ironic that it's the US government that's doing this is that the US DEA classifies marijuana at the highest Schedule I - "drugs with no currently accepted medical use"

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Last year, a CBD-based drug was approved by federal regulators for two rare seizure disorders and researchers are pursuing research on it for other conditions. Others are focused on THC.

Colleague of mine, his kid has a rare disorder - multiple seizures every single day. Cannabis is a literal life-saver.

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