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U.S. House votes to force weapons shipments to Israel, rebuking Biden

By Patricia Zengerle

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MAGAs always act like they control more than one half of one house of Congress. I wonder whether it is the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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They do realise that he has veto power, right... ;-)

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The Israel Security Assistance Support Act was approved 224 to 187,

Excellent to have a House that has the right priorities.

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Congress will support Israel to extinguish eradicate Hamas.

No matter what.

Joe Biden administration is in danger of sitting on the fence, pacifying, chasing a pro Palestine youth college vote November.

You know politicians that attempt a form of party political "Hokey Cokey" risk the accusation of hand-wringing whilst paying undue attention to surveys and polling data.

The tendency to dither.

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The act is not expected to become law,

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Gaza has basically been "wiped off the map" at this point. Israel is doing to Gaza what they claim Hamas wants to do to them, even though Hamas never had the capability to do so. The US is complicit in this and this vote just reflects how deep Israeli interests have in US politics.

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So they support the war crimes and the genocide? Seizing what hostages? That sounds like a fairy tale with how much use of force is being used but friendly fire hitting the so called "hostages" sounds more realistic if that is true.

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I'm sure Biden won't be too disappointed and won't use his veto either considering how quiet they have been on the invasion of Rafah and Israel's continued war crimes!

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Yah, yah, it's the election year, and there are people in US who are anxiously waiting for the Second Coming. So, the flight must go on until Israelis completely conquer the land, Palestine. But it's not wise, in my humble opinion, not to imagine that killing of one Palestinian civilians, with weapons supplied by US government, generates one hundred future anti-Israel militants or activists. Thus, GOP is kicking the can further down the road in achieving the day for complete conquest.

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Israel is gonna need more than Bombs and U.S. support to win this conflict, it needs new leadership with a whole new set of Moral Standards

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