U.S., Indonesia, Australia hold drills amid China concerns


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Your concerns are noted, CCP.

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The expanded drills are seen by China as a threat. Chinese state media have accused the U.S. of building an Indo-Pacific alliance similar to NATO to limit China’s growing military and diplomatic influence in the region.

Why would China object to a NATO like defensive alliance? Is China planning to attack someone in the region?

Nobody wants to see a growing Chinese military or diplomatic influence anywhere let alone in the Indo-Pacific region. Chinese abuse of it's own citizens and especially anyone not Han Chinese is well documented. Nobody with any sense wants to live under Chinese rules or influence.

“The destabilizing actions by the People’s Republic of China as it applied to the threatening activities and actions against Taiwan is exactly what we are trying to avoid,”

China destabilizing the region is precisely why others get together oppose their illegal claims.

Indonesia sees the current exercises with the U.S. as a deterrent in defense of the Natuna Islands, while for Washington, the drills are part of efforts to forge a united front against China’s military buildup in the South China Sea, Bakrie said.

China on one side, with everyone else on the other side. Why does China continue it's attempts at stealing what does not belong to it? It complains about alliances aimed against it as if it is not aware it happens as a direct result of Chinese belligerence and theft.

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Regarding "stealing what is not theirs"-

How do you regard what the US is doing with Iraqi oil?

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