U.S.-led strikes against IS claim another 21 civilian lives: coalition


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As of the end of June, the military was still assessing 424 civilian casualty reports.

Assessing... right.

424 is beyond excusable.

Let's at least be honest, if Russia were to blame there would be an uproar. Since the US is doing the killing, it's ho-hum, according to the AFP.

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Whatever US does is ok, self appoint Global policeman with lackey Japan government.

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I suppose there must have been beautiful little babies among them.

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war crimes full stop with statistics from US. they invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and smashed the economies, infrastructure and schools and hospitals. American top people in politics are neoChristians or jews predominantly.

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As ever; the innocents lose their lives.

"To date, based on information available, (the coalition) assesses that, it is more likely than not, at least 624 civilians have been unintentionally killed by coalition strikes"

There will be no vigils or tears for these victims, will there?

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Excuse me, but unless the US-led coalition is found to have willingly targeted an outdoor market, shopping bazaar, or other public-filled locale - oh wait, that's what ISIS does - then bite your tongue. Overtime there's trouble in some region of the world, the world looks to the US to do something - be that aid, arming someone, directly fighting, etc.

Doesn't matter how many countries - be them 1st, 2nd or 3rd world - fill an ever-growing list of being threatened or harmed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Put all these countries together, with them all contributing military manpower, weaponry and money vs ISIS, and it would be a blow-out victory. Except that won't happen because it's just easier to sit back and let the US do the heavy lifting and then play Monday morning quarterback over what they did, how they did it or why didn't they do more.

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