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U.S. military pier temporarily removed from Gaza coast for repairs


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The entire operation is a complete joke. There is no need for a billion dollar pier, force Israel to allow supplies in to Gaza.

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Haha what a spin.

“removed for repairs”?

it broke apart into pieces, and partially sank. The parts that didn’t wash up on the shore.

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Here's another example of USA military "intelligence".

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deanzaZZRToday 09:51 am JST

Here's another example of USA military "intelligence".

You have to have an overseas military deployment to make fun of an overseas military deployment.

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@Chabba: You should know this,America has no intention for humanitarian life saving of Palestinians. That pier is not feasible and they knew it. This is a P.R. event,an appeasement of international and domestic critics because this year is election year. Biden doesn't look good for re-election.

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