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U.S. Navy fighter jets strike Houthi missile launchers in Yemen


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What a ridiculous photo, it's so obvious those "warriors" are not up for a fight. Thank Iran for that.

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Bomb everything they have related to war outside their own country. Take out all missiles, all launchers, all military planes and boats, until there are ZERO left. Be certain to take out all trains and ships from Iran too, which will have replacement weapons.

After all that is done, let them throw stones if they insist.

China stopped shipping through the straits to Israel too. They can't be too happy with Iran or Yemen right now. China runs a port in Haifa and nearly 90% of the shipping there is from China. That can't be good for the stuttering Chinese economy.

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@yakyak, I think we should all thank Iran for what the US is doing to eradicate the proxies in Yemen. Iran doesn't really give a sh*t what happens there, they just want to aggravate things and make themselves look important to the peons.

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Hit those missile launchers!

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It appears the US has taken down Houthi air defense systems allowing drones, probably operating from Djibouti, to patrol Yemen freely. That gives the US Navy the ability to find missiles as they are being readied for launch and destroy them before they can be used to attack civilian shipping. That is one part of what needs to be done.

The other part is a blockade of the Yemen coastline to intercept Iranian weapons shipments. It will take time to accomplish and require cooperation from enough European navies to achieve 100% surveillance of the waters around Yemen.

And then we have some comedy from our UK cousins ^_^


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And then we have some comedy from our UK cousins ^_^

Guess the driver didn't remember that "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" ?

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