U.S. poised to seize Afghan town as Taliban dig in


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Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years, he doesn't exist !!!!! It's a scam, this guy never holds up a current news paper to prove he's alive. Why ? Because he is dead. Mod: Not off topic because he said leader of the fake *tale i ban & said to live in afganistan.

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Spoiler alert : Osama has been dead for years

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Smoke and mirrors. The Taliban do not need to "dig in" anywhere, they represent true islam, and the stupid Westerners are chasing an illusion by thinking there is an enemy to fight on a battlefield. Most of these Afghan government troops they are blathering about in the article will take the Taliban´s side in a heartbeat when it comes time to make a decision.

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Anarchy rules in Afghanistan and any attempt to impose order (by anyone, especially Afghans) will be rejected by a volley of AK-47 rounds.

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The Taliban represent true Islam? Er... the Taliban think they represent true Islam, but more than that, this is a Pashtun area, a place where if they have any political legitimacy anywhere, this is it.

The promises are great, and we've heard them before, but it should be the Afghan government making them, not McChrystal.

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I am so glad they warned them and let them dig in. Now we are going to have even more casualties. Does not make any sense

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I understand the tactic. I pray the Marines shooting is true. I pray for their strength. < :-)

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Civilians had to be notified. Why would any fighter remain? Leave the weapons and go home to fight another day or even better get hired by the government.

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A basically goddog its to prevent civilian casualties. The goal is to protect the civilian population, besides although yes it increases the chances of having higher casualties lets be honest here, the casualties that we take in this entire conflict are nothing compared to the casualties at individual battles that took place in the US civil war.

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gooddog, that's what you said on Monday and this is how I answered, but you didn't reply...


goddog at 12:36 PM JST - 8th February

I do not understand why NATO would tell them they are coming.

nandakandamanda at 03:45 PM JST - 8th February

Procedure for taking towns and cities and holding the land.

Tell them you are coming in order to see how they sort themselves out. Sometimes they think for a while and then pick up and leave. This is best for everyone as no-one gets killed.

If and when you do fight, make sure the civilian population has moved out, there is no food left, and you saturate the place with bombs/shells beforehand, etc.

Armies have used such tactics for thousands of years, often leaving an escape route open in one direction.

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The American people are so gullible that they believe anything and everything they're told by each successive Administration at the White House. What the American people are not told is, that this is not Vietnam or Korea or Japan or for that matter Timbuktu. This is Afghanistan we are talking about - take the trouble to read their history and while you're doing that, take the trouble of reading Persian (Iran)and the Indus Valley history and become wiser and leave while the going is still good. I feel so sorry and sad for the poor gullible and lovable American People being lead by the nose like sacrificial lambs.The US Taxpayers are loosing Trillions of dollar which could be instead put to good use in making the USA a truly 100% welfare state where all citizens will enjoy the good and happy life. I am beginning to wonder if Afghanistan is America and NATO's "WATERLOO"........May God in his mercy grant them greater Wisdom........

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"The Taliban represent true Islam?"

Heh, they represent WilliB's twisted personal version of Islam.

The rest of us not subjecting ourselves to wild conspiracy theories are quite happy to seing the Taliban getting rousted.

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