U.S. says tanker spotted in Syria shows Iran deceitful

By Johnny BUGEJA

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What gall, expecting a country you unilaterally declare economic war on to cooperate in its own impoverishment and defeat. If you leave Iran no markets to sell its oil to, then it's going to sell its oil to whoever it can.

And does "the Assad regime's brutality against the Syrian people" include its war against the Islamic jihadists who until very recently controlled the majority of the country? The same Islamic jihadists who in any other context would be considered brutal enemies of the West?

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An international law is not being broken.

A UN law is not being broken.

A maritime law is not being broken.

Only a US law is being broken and the US is an arrogant country that considers itself the center of the universe.

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Untrustworthy? Pot meet kettle. Kettle, pot.

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So, let's see, the US, the country that lied to the UN Security Council, because it needed to permanently shut up the Iraqi dictator it lied to, who tried to fire the previous head of the IAEA because he refused to echo the American lie, and succeeded in getting the previous head of the OPCW for the same reason claims that because Iran gave the government of Gibraltar a way out the dilemma that American and British lies put it in (break international law by keeping the pirated Iranian tanker captive or releasing it and becoming yet another victim of American economic terrorism when Trump threw a temper tantrum over them not breaking both their own and international law at his command) by telling them a 'little white lie' that didn't need to, but which would protect Gibraltar, is 'deceitful'.

Does anyone else find that ridiculous?

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I see nothing wrong with telling a little lie when held hostage, especially when told to infinitely bigger liars...

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My comment on why the US backs ISIS and Al-Qaeda and opposes Iran was quickly deleted by the moderator.

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