Michigan school shooter's parents plead not guilty


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This is what happen to Gun nuts, I as an American feel no need to own a gun, this what happens to paranoid zealots

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Why in the world would the parents flee when their son was in custody facing multiple murder charges? They just left him on his own.

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Can not comprehend the mind set of these people, buying a gun for a child then ignoring his mental condition and the schools concerns.

They are the symbol of a deeply disturbed if not sick society.

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Debating their bond? They already tried to flee the charges.

I'm hoping they're denied bail as they've already proven to be a flight risk.

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They are the symbol of a deeply disturbed if not sick society.

Well, the school did make an effort to get help for the boy so “society” did not fail. However, it gets more difficult when the parents refuse to engage.

I agree that the whole family is disturbed, though.

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While school shootings carried out by teens have become a sadly familiar part of life in the United States, it is highly unusual for parents to face charges.

The DA has an uphill battle to get a guilty plea or verdict for the parents.

At least people aren't getting hysterical about guns though, and are blaming the perpetrator for criminal acts.

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“lol I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught”

These words from a mother to her “baby” tell us more about these people’s warped sense of parental responsibility than anything we’re going to hear from them or their lawyers from this point on.

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People who have no business reproducing and raising a child. They had a child, they bought that child a gun, they laughed about that child buying ammo online while at school, they didn't lock up the gun. Officially the gun belonged to his father's, but actually it was the young man's.

Michigan's a weird state when it comes to guns. I remember once when I was camping in the woods there and on one night I could hear an automatic weapon being fired. They've got some real gun nuts there. The home of Timothy McVeigh who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City.

At the same time, another issue which is being lost in all of the noise is about bullying. The young man looked a little odd in his photo on TV, so I'm assuming he may have been picked on and he had an ax to grind. Not an excuse for what he did, but it may have been an issue that needs to be examined and discussed more widely.

All of the above, actually. The perfect s**t storm for a messed up kid like this to go off the deep end. Wacky gun laws, screwy parents, a school asleep at the switch and parents who were willfully ignorant and possibly a bullied youth out for revenge with a 9mm. The perfect s***t storm.

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Reg,they would liable in civil court, they own the weapon, they did not use good judgement,they could serve together as a family

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YrralToday  08:15 am JST

Reg,they would liable in civil court, they own the weapon, they did not use good judgement,they could serve together as a family

Agreed; civil court has a lower barrier.

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Very poor choices on the part of the parents.

$1,000,000 bond seems pretty fair given they ran. That means a $100,000 minimum to a bond agency before they can be released. As they ran, they are likely not going to get that funded by gun rights activist as it puts them in a bad light so the parents will likely have to put their house up for leverage, Assuming they own the house. If not…. jail time (I hope solitary for their sake).

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His wife took their son to a shooting range the following day, posting on social media that she had bought a gun for her "baby" for Christmas, the prosecutor said.

Had Jennifer Crumbley opted for a traditional Christmas present for her baby, a Flybird multi purpose training adjustable, utility weight bench for Full Body Workout, doesn't require reloading, or perhaps Sony PlayStation 5. then four students, aged 14 to 17, would be looking forward to a family Christmas and the six wounded, along with a teacher would not be spending there festive season recovering.

Will anyone learn anything from this tragedy?

I doubt it.

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Guns (the non hunting type in many cases) are just adult toys. 2A says shall not be infringed and this means kids too. It should mean that kids under 18 should be allowed open carry (I mean hand gun semi auto Glocks) as well as CCP. What if some of those kids had been CCP, it could have neutralized the shooter

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This trio of Michigan morons are the latest tragic chirp of the canaries in the cage of gun-crazy Amerika, a broken model of a society that neglects the welfare of its citizens in its monomaniacal pursuit of, no, not happiness, but of capital accumulation.

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This is what happen to Gun nuts, I as an American feel no need to own a gun, this what happens to paranoid zealots.

Please don’t generalize. I’m also an American, I own quite a few guns but I’m not as you claim, a paranoid zealots or nut.

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Yeah, the future outlook doesn’t look good for that entire family, reckless, irresponsible and the worst of all, the let their son down and allowed him to fail.

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If these parents are culpable, so are parents that for example bail their kid out of jail after a school shooting then have a welcome home party. Also a parent that bails their child out many times for doing things such as running over a woman. These very people blamed the system for their child's failures instead of themselves.

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The US electorate will never be dictated to over gun controls.

It is a huge industry, politicians from both sides of congress might spout the odd weasel word but will walk away from legislating any notable change.

Gun Sales Near Record Levels As U.S. Grapples With Another School Shooting

Americans have purchased more than 18 million guns so far this year, making 2021 the second-busiest year for firearm sales in at least two decades, according to estimates — a surge that comes amid a spike in gun violence, including a school shooting near Detroit this week.

It is truly a case of pout up or shut up.

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such as running over a woman. 

Children are allowed to have cars. This is why Trump wanted to appoint more NRA2A judges to rewrite the laws for children to CCP and open carry semi auto Glocks. It would prevent school shootings according to the NRA

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More than 600 mass shootings this year and more than 400 dead children.

We know, you tell us daily and most of the gun deaths are not committed by mass shootings.

Nothing to do with gun nutters, really?

Yes, you can be a certified nut job without a gun, Charles Manson was one.

Gun violence is out of control. 20,000 killed this year from gun homicides.

Enforce the laws on the books, use that infrastructure money once they pass it, if they pass it and create a program or use it to build and invest in mental rehab or suicide prevention facilities focus on the person and not just the firearm because the left will never get the 2nd amendment repealed. The parents are the ones that were in big part responsible and they ultimately failed their son. His life is finished. And he’s not even 18 yet.

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The NRA is a powerful political lobby.

Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun

The rub is when a nation cannot tell the difference between the good guy and the bad guy.

Just image that mindset when trying to spot the good guy in a teaching environment. a school?

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No bond for fleeing suspects! These parents bare some responsibility for their child's actions. This is another example of Americans who support the trump's mantra of "deny everything, admit nothing." The "reality bubble" that sparked the Jan. 6 tragedy! Simply denying the fact that everybody around then were telling them that their son needed help. They chalked it up to liberal nonsense as an excuse to ignore the boy's issues. Then they attempted to flee after the fact and leave their son on his own. It shows how dysfunctional that family is.

Michigan school massacre suspect’s mother wrote open letter to Trump praising his support for gun rights

That is all the information we need to know about this family. Are any of them in the Michigan militia?

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Yeah, born to fail.

The parents were very Irresponsible and disrespectful towards firearms, and therein is part of the problem. How did the boy's parents talk? For example, did they say something like: I would have shot the son of a _____ if he did that to me! , or words to that effect. If they had used language like that around their son, then by associating the use of a gun to end an argument (permanently), the boy would have thought there was nothing wrong with using a gun to settle a score. There are countless scenarios, but that kid was obviously messed up inside.

You probably know how bad kids can be in high school, and if you're targeted, they can be quite cruel. For example, was he sucker punched the day before the shooting by a jock. One of the victims was a football player . . . Did he bully the kid like that? It's not an excuse for premeditated murder, but it is, rightly or wrongly, a motive. Throw that in with parents who talk about shooting anybody who angers them, and suddenly the kid does something he should've never thought about doing in the first place.

The defense should consider giving the teenager a psychological evaluation, especially if the parents are found guilty for manslaughter. For that reason, the parents' trial should precede the teen's trial because they're directly related regarding the boy's psychological frame of mind.

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(I mean hand gun semi auto Glocks)

Only Glocks? Well this guy had a Sig Sauer so he’s out, I guess.

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Glock or other deadly weapons. 2A is 2A. Yes for kids to protect kids just like adults

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Glock or other deadly weapons. 2A is 2A. Yes for kids to protect kids just like adults

Right. Well first you’ll have to challenge the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, plus probably a lot more. I don’t know much about it but I imagine you’ll have to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Good luck with it.

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So are you going to challenge them, then? Seeing you’re so keen for kids to have concealed weapons. The courts don’t actually make laws, they just interpret and refine them through new cases. You make a good point though, and the decision pending in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs Bruen case will show which way they’re leaning. Especially because they have declined to hear all gun related cases in the last 10 years or so. Despite having a conservative majority the whole time.

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What sort of deadbeat parents give a real pistol to a child for Christmas?

Dropkicks. Need to be locked away for many years, and prevented ANY access to the cowardly little maggot for life.

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The DA has an uphill battle to get a guilty plea or verdict for the parents.

The mother texted her son the following after a teacher complained her son was shopping for ammunition on his cell phone in class:

“lol I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught”

Something tells me between that and them refusing to take their son home the next day, the very day of the shooting, after being shown the truly disturbing note he wrote depicting gun violence and death I think the DA will have no trouble gaining a conviction of both of them.

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Desert Tortoise,

When the news of the active shooter had been made public, Jennifer Crumbley texted her son, "Ethan, don't do it."

Additionally, "James Crumbley called 911 reporting that a gun was missing from his house, and he believed his son may be the shooter."

Quotes from Prosecutor Karen McDonald, further showing the parents at least suspected an attack was coming.

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Glock or other deadly weapons. 2A is 2A. Yes for kids to protect kids just like adults

Your statement, if sincere, is chilling. Our little boy is autistic and prone to violent outbursts. These are not uncommon traits for autistic children. They have a hard time handling transitions from one task to another and if you don't recognize the antecedents and know how to de-escalate them early they can spin up like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character and become pretty violent. The very last thing anybody wants is for our little boy to have access to any kind of fire arm because he gets mad enough to use one but doesn't have the judgement to understand the consequences. No kid does really, even ones that are neurotypical. Their brains are not fully developed and they lack judgement at that age.

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No bond for fleeing suspects! 

It is even more interesting than that. It appears the parents had help fleeing. They had some sort of relationship with whomever guided them to that warehouse and let them in. The police have identified who the people are, arrested them and are planning to charge them too.

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Desert Tortoise,

Sorry, I don't mean to pry, but do traits like that in adults (or autism in general) disqualify them from gun ownership?

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