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U.S. Senate votes to stop production of F-22 jet


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When they shut down the F22 production line there goes another couple hundred of thousand high paying jobs.

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Why limit to 187 new fighters? There is no money in the US Treasury and the government is going to buy 187 of them anyway - just go ahead and contract for the full 380 that the planes supporters want.

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This is like a jobless broke person saying I`ve decided not to buy the Hummer. This nation is insolvent.

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two of them suckers already crashed. that's a half billion down the drain already. could have bought two dozen F-15s for that kind of money. furthermore, not one peep about how it happened.

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I particularly liked the way it started off as being "very low visibility", then became "low visibily" as it neared production, then finally "if you squint a bit you might miss it". I suspect this is one reason why they changed their minds about selling it to the countries that helped fund the F22's development... Anyway, no more F22.

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A very sensible move.

This aircraft was designed over a quarter of a century ago to fight a Soviet-era fighter that still has not come off the production line.

Plus, let's not forget that a grand total of zero of these machines has been used in Iraq or Afghanistan.

A very good move by President Obama and notably supported by Sen. John McCain.

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