U.S. shifts Mideast peace strategy


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I don't know how many "forrests" are in the Middle East -but I wish her all the best in resolving this "conflict" with Israel.

Maybe if the Marxist Jews (Communists) didn't push the original inhabitants out or outright kill them you wouldn't have this conflict. But the innocent people have suffered enough and resolution is needed.

The Palestinians welcomed the boat loads of Jews after WWII also. -Maybe immigration is not so great after all.

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I hope this strategy works. First thing is to quit giving Israel money for weapons. They just kill more Palestinians and refuse to negotiate. They even fall back on promises they had previously made. < :-)

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The words "Mideast" and "Peace" should never be used in the same sentance. The two words are not compatable.

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Does the entire thing really weigh on Jerusalem going to the Palestinians?

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When the Arabs controlled East Jerusalem prior to the war in 1967, the Jews were restricted from visiting their holiest sights, including the Western Wall. Israel's not going to let this happen again, nor should they.

Badsey: The Palestinians welcomed the boat loads of Jews after WWII

Huh? Perhaps best you limit your comments to topics you know something about.

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Obama and his crowd identify with losers.They seek to punish anyone that interferes with their supposed goal of making everyone 'equal'. But their real agenda is weakenin individual Americans, punishing success.They are doin abroad to our sovereign US allies what they are doin at home. So the pressure will be on the state of Israel. Obama and his crowd want them to make concessions for their success.

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I just don't know how much faith I have in Hillary Clinton...

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