U.S. strikes Iranian-backed militant site in Syria


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One of my biggest worries about Biden was he'd get further involved in MENA.

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Less than 2 months into the new admin and the neocons/neolibs are back in the saddle and already bombing foreigners. More to come.

But he also said that it was designed to de-escalate the situation in eastern Syria and Iraq. Made me laugh out loud. Like all of the other warmongering has deescalted anything......

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Trump carried out missile attacks too.

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So now it looks official. Biden has become the latest in the long list of US presidents who commit war crimes.

The US regime sets up military bases around Iran and throughout that region to contain and threaten any opposition to their territorial domination and access to cheap oil supplies, then when they face opposition, they launch strikes, with the President's approval, committing murder in places far from their own country. Clearly, this is not in defence of nation and is an aggressive act, that should be prosecuted in international courts.

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Trump carried out missile attacks too.

Yeah but when he did it, it was front page news and everyone cried like it was the biggest atrocity in World history. As they did this, they conveniently forgot about the drone-happy previous administration.

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I am actually going to applaud Biden for this. The only complaint I have with it is that the response was a bit slow. Iran may now think twice to use its military proxies before striking American bases.

However, I distinctly remember when Trump authorized the use of the MOAB in Afghanistan many of you were up in arms.

To remind you.

Trump unleashed the MOAB for the first time in combat on Thursday, at 7:32 p.m., against an Isis affiliate in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province, along the border with Pakistan. In Washington, the White House press secretary Sean Spicer said day that it “targeted a system of tunnels and caves that Isis fighters used to move around freely, making it easier for them to target U.S. military advisers and Afghan forces in the area.”

Are Trump and Biden so different? I do not think so.

I commend Biden for this decisive action. I am really surprised he took this course.

Good Job on this President Biden.

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The last 4 years US was almost a satellite state to Russia, carrying forward Putin’s policies.

Good to see US standing up for itself and it’s allies!!!!

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American war-mongering in the Middle East continues.

Was nothing learned from Iraq, and ISIS that resulted?

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Did you ever hear your Dad say to your Mom:

"Nothing's ever GOOD Enough; IS it " ? !

Do you think these Evil Empires just go away with each Election and we START OVER ?

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There were many lessons learned in America's war series in the Middle East.

And I might say. Were getting better and better at it with every experience.

We can inflict massive/maximum damage on the enemy without having to kill innocents in droves .

American war mongering? The Middle east is ripe right now for a war and huge amounts of opportunity for the USA to move in and control more of the county and more of the oil. Biden knows this.

Just have read here about government collapse.

The USA is like A Black Egret stalking their prey in shallow water right now on the Middle East and The Egret repeatedly open their wings like an umbrella to eliminate the glare off the water surface while fishing, Then strike. A shielded strike. Dark unknown. I would say the U.S. is getting closer and closer to getting all the Politicians and big business want. Strip malls. Car dealerships restaurants, Western influence up and down and everywhere. Eradication of religion and Western influence. This is what Every President wants in the middle East. This is the war book plan and always has been.

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It will be interesting to see how this administration handles the questions tomorrow about the bombing of a sovereign Syria.

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Yeah, Would not call it war mongering. I would call it redeveloping.

The middle East is already defeated. It just needs to be organized now. This is the death blow of radical extremisms and terrorism.

Biden will make sure of that. Have to keep Alwaleed bin Talal happy. The real shot caller in the Middle East.

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It’s just only balancing out and diverting the public’s view from the lost virus war with some success at any other available front. Anything outside is good to show being ‘back again’ while at home they die in legions, at rates more than all former wars summed up.

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