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U.S.-Taliban truce takes effect, setting stage for peace deal


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Knock wood after dozens of thousands of innocents killed, hundreds of thousands of innocents maimed, hundreds of thousands made homeless, trillions US$ wasted subsidizing the big defense industries, this particular Bush-Obama-Trump war will be over soon.

I wish I could say the same about the other conflicts the US military continue to be involved in around the globe, but given how much political power the big defense corporations have, how many neocons and 'former' employees of big defense corporations are in the Trump administration, how much more wealth Wall Street and big finance gain from these conflicts, how big oil and gas need military protection to continue their global business, I can only hope the US will see the Trump regime changed to one that doesn't rely so much on defense spending.

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The Taliban are as credible as Donny, so this should work out as planned.

There’s also the issue that the Taliban will merely wait out the US.

That said, the plaster needs to be removed. Swiftly seems to be better than slowly.

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If successfully implemented, the weeklong “reduction in violence” agreement

A week? Why the fig leaf, just say that we're getting out and we don't care what the consequences are, why pretend like a week of less violence after 20 years of war will make it all right?

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The Taliban are terrorist to the female gender. There is no place in the world today where that should be allowed.

How many schools for girls are The Taliban going to rebuild after they destroyed over 1200?

The US never should have sent large numbers of troops there. Operations should have been all special ops and drone strikes WITH the Afghani govt approval for anti-terror strikes.

Afghanistan has so many problems and 10% of the population with military equipment doesn't want any improvements. The govt there is so corrupt, it makes Mexico look like there aren't any issues there.

I really feel bad for normal Afghanis who just want to live their lives, have a little more than their parents, raise their kids without concern for violence.

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The Taliban are terrorist to the female gender.

Oh? And how many innocent women and their children were killed by the Taliban before the U.S. stormtroopers invaded with their remote control missile platforms and attack helicopters? Every time the U.S. war brigade gets caught shooting into a hospital or whatever it starts with saying it didn't happen, then if the evidence mounts it becomes a necessary measure, then an accident and if more evidence then the fault of some low ranking individual. If the Taliban does it they just say it was intentionally targeting civilians.

I am afraid if the U.S. government and her war industries really cared about Afghani women, considering all the billions that have been spent by now, it could have paid to just set up a mail order bride program instead of rain hell on the place.

Face it, this was NEVER about helping Afghani women or the people in general. This was about making money, snuffing people for fun, and the LULZ of trolling world with lying excuses for all of it.

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A little history for you... The best time for girls education and freedom of choice was during the soviet period, the US stopped that. Many groups in Afghanistan have never educated girls. Before the Taliban “destroyed” girls schools. Many areas didn’t have them to destroy.

The US withdraw will be seen as the defeat that it is.

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Only one winner here.  Like all of Afghanistan's enemies over the centuries - Britain and the Soviet Union included, they all leave with their tails between their legs, no matter what spin they put on it.  In a couple of years time it will be as it was pre the Bush blunder that started this 18-year debacle.

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For the Taliban, that includes roadside bombings, suicide attacks and rocket strikes.

Oh? Does the U.S. brute squad have to go dig up their land mines too? How bizarre the article mentions Taliban limitations so specifically (in their own country) but nothing for the American invaders. So will the imperial troops need to stop shooting missiles from their coward drones? Oh, we have this:

During any withdrawal, the U.S. would retain the right to continue counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan

Oh, okay. So I guess the U.S. can basically do whatever so long as they call it counter-terrorism but the Taliban cannot combat the terrorism from the U.S. imperial forces. Yeah. After all, its just a hop, skip and jump for Taliban fighters to land in America and start shooting up our schools. They better make sure they arrive on the right day though, cause they might get taken out by one of our home-grown school shooters!

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Afghanistan inches towards some form of peace deal, Afghan women are caught between hope that peace may finally be in sight, and fear that their rights will be the price exacted for an end to fighting.


“The Taliban lashed them so much that one them died 20 days later and the other one has been living with mental problems for the last 19 years,” she said.

Taliban don't count deaths of women.

Over the past decade, millions of girls have been educated, female doctors and teachers work across the country, women have started businesses and supported their families and 25% of the country’s politicians are women.

So, it appears the US did help in some small way.

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So, it appears the US did help in some small way.

Its almost laughable that you ignore a blood stained rainbow to point out the silver lining of some educated females. But what is threatening to come out of my mouth is not laughter. I might need a bucket.

Taliban don't count deaths of women.

The U.S. does not do civilian body counts PERIOD, whatever their gender.

And in case you didn't realize, the Taliban are busy fighting the most modern, over-equipped military the world has ever seen. It cannot take its eye off the ball to go count non-fighter corpses so much. I think they do get a bit indignant when a cowardly U.S. remote control airplane blows up houses full of kids though.

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The truce is a test for the Taliban - if they can truly control their fighters on the ground

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