U.S. THAAD missile defense equipment enters South Korean site

By Ben Listerman

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Bring them to Japan too

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China however is strongly opposed to deployment of the THAAD system which it fears will undermine its own military capabilities.

Oh well.

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Can you not imagine a Korean peninsula united in free enterprise, as a (slightly) larger Hong Kong? That's what's going on behind the scenes. It's just a matter of time, and China's position as a power in Asia that the US must contend with. Simple as 1+1, the two major powers in tomorrow's world.

But, most of us will be gone by then, so do as Buddha said, 'tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.'

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The present situation reminds me of the situation at eve of the first Japan-Sino war where China wanted the peninsula as a buffer while Japan want to remove the influence Qing dynasty away which resulted into war over control of the peninsula.

If north and south both agrees that they will become a permanently neutralized state and removes all influence of both sides while removing all nuclear armaments then both sides will step down.

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What does China offer in terms of military hardware to the south koreans so they can defend themselves? I bet nothing.

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What really bothers the South Koreans is Chinese people who insist that the peninsula is traditionally a Chinese territory.

One thing is sure, though, that the Tang dynasty sent an army and a navy to support the Korean Kingdom of Silla in their wars against Paekche, eventually together taking the whole peninsula. And that was 1,400 years ago. A flashpoint is a flashpoint is a flashpoint. Are there certain geo-political whirlpools dotted here and there around the globe?

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I find it very puzzling there are no massive anti-war protests in SK. Is it because they are so tuned out or they deeply desire an end to NK?

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Yes, that should calm things down with the North... come on guys, pull your necks in!

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The S Korean take on this is educational.

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