U.S. to begin highest level Taiwan visit in decades

By Amber Wang and Shaun Tandon

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Oh no. What is trump after? If any of trumps mobster family "show up" then they are up to something nasty.

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Oh no. What is trump after?

Trump doesn't know himself, what he is after but what he likes is people telling him how good he is. Any official contact with Taiwan will allow President Tsai Ing-wen to say, Isn't Trump great?

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"This trip is a recognition of Taiwan's success in combating COVID-19 and a testament to the shared beliefs that open and democratic societies are best equipped to combating disease threats like COVID-19," a health and human services department official told reporters ahead of the visit.

Can't argue with that, Taiwan is smarter, wiser and mature than most countries.

New Zealand and Taiwan, both island nations, both under female leadership and both model democracies.

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"Oh no. What is trump after? If any of trumps mobster family "show up" then they are up to something nasty."

Something that is long long overdue and needs to be done that no other President before him had the courage to just do it. Good for him, Taiwan should be treated as a separate country free from China. After all I haven't heard any getting sick and spreading disease around the world just for visiting it unlike SARS1 and now SARS2. People seem to forget where it started and by whom it was brought into Japan as reported in JT back in Dec.

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You know what would have had a dramatic negative impact on China? The Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump withdrew from while forming his imagined bromance with Xi. Republicans trying to find something good to say about Trump are massaging this China stuff.

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“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both say they oppose TPP. It's one of the few issues on which they are in agreement.”

So ummm no, it was gone either way. It’s good that Trump is building this relationship with Taiwan.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump withdrew from while forming his imagined bromance with Xi.

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This should have been done yeats ago. Instead all previous presidents were blinded by china wealth and didn't dare to provoke them by visiting Taiwan. Even the WHO is a disgrace for not letting Taiwan be a part of it.

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Taiwan is a sovereign nation, if a U.S. official visits it, it's just the norm.

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Taiwan has become a poster child for combating the coronavirus thanks to a well honed track and tracing program as well as firm border controls.

Taiwan knew the Chinese had a huge problem and shut their borders ASAP-it saved them


lot of grief

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The CCP is going to choke on the Mapo Tofu over this one....

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Send Secretary of Defense to Taiwan. That would send a strong message to the ChiComm’s.

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Azar is the most senior cabinet member to visit Taiwan in decades and it comes as relations between the world's two biggest economic powers plunge to historic lows.

OK, it's fine and we appreciate, however Mr President Trump, pls don't take use of us as your chess to play provoking game with China, I think it's south China sea instead of Taiwan strait a better place as you guys play ground ~

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"Taiwan is a sovereign nation, if a U.S. official visits it, it's just the norm."

It's not that simple. I wish it were however it is not. China considers Taiwan to be sovereign PRC territory. They do not control it but seek to do so. The US signed on to a "One China" policy in 1979 in effect accepting the PRC position that Taiwan is part of China but at the same time defending their self governance outside of the CCP and the rest of China. The CCP has long asserted their right to control the foreign relations of Taiwan since in their view it is part of China. They are unable to do so for the most part but have been able to block Taiwan out of joining all global bodies claiming the PRC speaks for Taiwan. The Chinese have always said that the minute Taiwan declares independence they will invade and about the only reason they haven't is the threat the US will intervene on the side of Taiwan, effectively denying an assured victory to the Chinese. As time passes and more generations of Taiwanese live lives with no connection to the mainland they become increasingly different and independent from China. But as we see today with Hong Kong the CCP have absolutely no compunction about repressing the rights of a previously free people and crushing them under their boots. PRC is a truly vile country who's brutality cannot be underestimated.

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Hoping that Health Secretary Alex Azar's trip would promptly pave the way for former President Jimmy Carter's official trip to Taipei to re-establish full diplomatic ties with 'ally', 'friend' and 'like-minded' democratic Republic of Chunghua , Taiwan!

Better late than never!

If China is not happy with such a move by Washingjing then a clever tactical gambit is for Beijington to move faster and declare that the PROC will give diplomatic recognition to Taiwan-Chung Hua Republic stat!

After all , was Confucius not da-kine Chinese?

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Turns out that Chinese hackers have penetrated Taiwanese tech companies at all levels.

Chinese hackers have pillaged Taiwan’s semiconductor industry

The entire world needs to help Taiwan.

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