U.S. special forces quietly training Taiwanese: official


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The Taiwanese need some force projection weapons. When they can hold Beijing and Shanghai at risk from mobile launchers and have their own STVOL 5th gen attack multi-role aircraft (F-35B anyone?), China may sing a different tune.

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The Afghan police and army took heavy casualties over the years but showed little inclination to fight when it came to the crunch.

There were really only a handful of units in the Afghan Army that could be counted on to fight hard and absorb casualties. Most of them were only there to collect a paycheck. The desertion rate was huge. They relied on NATO forces and their contractors for all of their logistics and maintenance. They never showed any interest in either and would leave equipment to fall apart instead of maintaining it. Without western forces holding their hands they could do nothing. The Taiwan military is everything the Afghans never were. They build their own jet fighters, missiles, warships and now submarines. They train hard. They know what they have to lose if China invades.

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Taiwan is actively ready to fight if or when it comes to that.

You betcha they will ! They saw what happened to Hong Kong and understand the depths of barbarity the Communists are capable of knowing the treatment of the Tibetans, Uyghurs and now the Inner Mongolians.

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The great Red Dragon from the East is unstoppable..

New world order is coming soon..

Get used to it..

Lol! I would bet more than just beers that the government of Taiwan, the direct heir to Dr. Sun Yat-sen's first Chinese republic, will be around long after the CCP is gone. China has immense problems and a rigid but brittle government that doesn't have the bandwidth to handle it all.

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A lot of this depends on if the Taiwanese' hearts are in it for the fight

As the saying goes: ya can lead a horse to water, but ya can't make it drink

If the Taiwanese are not willing to fight and defend themselves, then no amount of training will help

But if they are willing to stand and fight, then they can use the training to defend themselves better. They can inflict heavier casualties to make an invasion come at a higher cost that the invader has to pay

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Yes, because a developed democracy (Taiwan) is the exact equivalent of a third world country tan by barely literate, conservative religious fanatics (Afghanistan).

Meaning the US will need to spend even more than what they did fighting Taliban?

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The Afghan police and army took heavy casualties over the years but showed little inclination to fight when it came to the crunch.

Taiwan is actively ready to fight if or when it comes to that.

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Then why give it maximum publicity?

Anyway, Taiwan is no threat to China. China is a massive threat to Taiwan.

All Taiwan can do is get ready and then hit the bully hard, if and when the time comes.

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Special training for Taiwanese troops. A new CIA unit to concentrate on China. Increase in military spending.

Special training for Afghan troops. A new CIA unit to concentrate on Afghanistan. Increase in military spending -- we all know what happened next.

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As long as we have weak leadership in the US they’ll never be able to combat the growing China threat. It just won’t happen

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The US had already trained the Afghan troops, we all know what happened next.

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Here we go again.

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There is also a new CIA unit devoted to China. America can train the Taiwanese and arm them but in a Chinese invasion not sure that it would be willing to go to war with China.

I think if China tried to invade Taiwan and a US President didn't respond immediately and with overwhelming force the US Congress would impeach and convict that President in a day and give him or her the boot. Both parties in both houses of Congress overwhelmingly support Taiwan and detest PRC. Going to war to defend Taiwan might be one of the easier decisions a US President can make.

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Sell them all the distributed lethality platforms the want at cost. And expedite delivery.

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I just read this exact same article in Al Jazeera.

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