U.S. unveils new rule on airplane fuel tanks


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The cost of installing the new technology would range from $92,000 to $311,000 per aircraft, depending upon its size, Peters said. She said the cost could be as little as one-tenth of 1% of the cost of a new aircraft.

Of related interest is a radio program I recently heard discussing the future of air travel. One person speculated that the end of cheap tickets might not be a bad thing. Every major American air carrier has at least flirted with bankruptcy (which opens the door to seeking government bail-outs). Focusing more on the business traveler market, as reflected in the expansion of economy plus seating at the expense of regular coach, will enable them to buy new aircraft which are more fuel efficient.

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Dude... do you know how fuel efficient they already are ? You certainly think the Prius has better mileage than the VW Bora TDi I suppose... Ecoterrorism as usual...

And I didn't knew airplane fuel tanks were so badly designed... a tank of 1 gallon of kerosene emptied but not dried contain fumes that if ignited are as powerfull as a dynamite stick. So 1- why was there any sparkles on this tank to ignite the fumes and 2- who is the genius who didn't think about a venting system against fume concentration ? 3 why bother with hydrogen when you have plenty of already oxygene depleted air coming from the exhaust that can be easily cooled and used in the tank (that's how you pressurize small planes fuel tanks anyway...).

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Younger Fleets Boost Non-U.S. Airlines

The aging planes of Northwest, American, United, and Delta guzzle more gas, making the U.S. carriers more vulnerable to soaring oil prices—and to global competitors.

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