U.S. vote-by-mail begins


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Don't forget to vote twice! We love Trump!

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Don't forget to vote twice! We love Trump!

The muh Russia Republicans and their 'foreign' supporters have been active in stirring pots re mail in voting, supporting Trump's attempts to further divide the US. Once again, Xi and Putin are smiling.

Russia 'amplifying' concerns around mail-in voting to undermine election: report

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All the Democrats have left at this point is election chaos. They will not succeed.

Okay, Trump supporters, try voting twice like your president wants you to do

Fake news. You fell for it.

Don't forget to vote twice! We love Trump!

So did you. Oh my...

McEnany says Trump wasn't encouraging people to vote twice

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Is that why Trump is encouraging election chaos?

He's not, he's trying to prevent it.

Trump’s own words are fake news?

No. He's not saying vote twice, he's saying if you voted by mail make sure your vote was counted and if it wasn't then vote at the polling booth. What's the problem?

Your evidence that Trump wasn’t encouraging people to vote twice is his spin doctor?

Anything McEnany said that wasn't true? If you claim she's lying back up your claim with some proof she's lying. Good luck.

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Russia 'amplifying' concerns around mail-in voting to undermine election: report

Russia Russia Russia! You guys are pathetic.

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Russia Russia Russia! You guys are pathetic.

Perhaps. But personally I don't think nations should 'meddle' in other nation's political affairs and elections in support of a candidate. NB I do NOT support US meddling anywhere.

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When a Ruling president encourages voter fraud America is no better than a tin pot dictatorship.

Vote, by mail or in person, and kick this embarrassment out.

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McEnany says Trump wasn't encouraging people to vote twice

McEnany also said that trump never lies and that she is a bigger conservative than Robert Mueller.

That was before she was appointed to lie on a daily basis and get paid by the tax payers.

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I would stand in line on a bed of hot coals to vote against Trump. I can’t wait!

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The Day After is the day when trump is escorted out of the peoples white house and back to Casinos.

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Vote, by mail or in person,

Or both just to be certain, as Trump clumsily tried to suggest yesterday.

In nearly every state it's possible (and legal) to cast an in-person ballot even after you've voted by mail as long as you disclose this at the polling station. You'll be given a provisional ballot which will either be matched against your mail-in ballot and override it, or simply counted as a regular in-person vote if your mail-in ballot cannot be found for some reason.

Of course, there's a zero percent chance that your votes will be counted twice since the system of minimum wage election workers, postal workers, and elderly polling station volunteers is flawlessly efficient.

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U.S. vote-by-mail begins


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I'll never understand how this lying, unhinged coward can even get double digits. A reflection of his cult-followers, I suppose.

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I don’t think mail voting can work because it is possible one or both might have a heart attack or stroke in the up to the election. All the early mail votes would be useless.

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Trump is losing, badly. That is why he is trying to suppress the vote. That is why he is calling mail in voting into question. He is setting up a narrative for when he loses.

Let’s be clear again. According to the multi-pulitzer prize winning Washington post, the rate of fraud in mail-in voting is 0.0025%.

Trump is trying to suppress mail in voting because it is the only way he can “win”, Period. Full Stop.

Oh, and the Russians ARE trying to i tercera and he is allowing it. AND He DID SAY those horrible things about American war dead being losers and suckers. The journalist who wrote the article had 4 sources and Wapo has independently confirmed it.

Yeah, he’s that bad.

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“interfere” in our election


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All the Democrats have left at this point is election chaos.

Yes, don't you just hate it the way that the Dems have installed one of their major donors and cronies into the top post of the postal service.  And how that crony is doing the Dems bidding by undermining the postal service to disrupt mail-in votes.  And the nerve of the Dems to claim that mail-in voting will lead to massive fraud even though there is zero proof historically or otherwise to support this.  Do they think people are stupid?  Before you know it they will be saying they won't accept the result unless they win.  And I wouldn't put it pass them to campaign on a law and order platform when everyone knows they are inflaming the situation everyday through tweets promoting violence and refusing to condemn it.  And don't even get me started on the conspiracies the Dems are floating.   I bet before this  election is over those no-life Dems will calling fallen heroes suckers and losers.  How low can the Dems go is the only remaining question.

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Don't worry Trump people. As a failsafe he will refuse to leave the WH if he loses the general election.

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he's saying if you voted by mail make sure your vote was counted and if it wasn't then vote at the polling booth. What's the problem?

It's illegal. This is quite black and white, even in a post-truth Trump world.

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Did Donald Trump quote: suggest polling place double-check for mail-in voters? (AP)

Or did Donald Trump: suggest voters should submit ballot twice?

Well in Presidents Trumps own words...

Hum .....

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Did Donald Trump quote:

Exacely, just like when he was promoting injecting Mr. Clean for COVID-19 treatment.

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This strategy will help the Dems win and will give the Dems the second chance if they lose.

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BTW, “Don told me to do it” won’t be an adequate defense.

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The world population that reads such articles is probably saying, "What is the problem?" Mail in voting means the government mails a ballot to every registered voter in precinct (county, department, or wards in the USA.) The recipient completes the vote and mails it back to the registrar. Absentee voting is done by a written request from the voter to the registrar that is signed and is matched to the original registration which means a written signature (not a hanko) is required. The ballot is mailed to the registered address and returned to the registrar. In the first situation if the voter died yesterday, anybody can vote for the deceased. In the second example, most dead voters cannot sign a ballot so the signature will not match. Many states are sending ballots whether or not they were requested. There are people who go house to house and collect ballots. They ask the voter to sign it, then they vote (complete the ballot) and send the ballot to the registrar. In both situation no photo id is required to vote at the official voting area. This system is called "Vote early, vote often."

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Over to you America.

Dump Trump.

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I just cant wait until after the election to see what all these haters do when Trump wins.

Are they just going to waste another 4 years of their lives on making up fake news and posting nonsense here?

Or will they finally accept that we want the economic, national security and law and order policies of Trump and dont really care about his Twitter or the fake news?

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In the first situation if the voter died yesterday, anybody can vote for the deceased


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There are 7 million registered voters in North Carolina.

It will be very interesting if more than 7 million ballots are counted and Biden winning by a overwhelming massive landslide.

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When Trump says something criminal or stupid, it is because everyone has misunderstood him, or that it was just sarcasm, and what he said wasn’t what he really meant, and why are all those loser vets buried in Arlington, and it is just fake news because he loves soldiers. I totally get it....

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...and the playbook begins. It is the "red illusion" project. Trump will win strongly at the ballot box, and then, they will keep "finding" all these non-personal mail votes, all for Biden. The media are laying the groundwork now.

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Trump is trying to prevent election chaos by encouraging people to vote twice? Smooth “ logic.”

I wish Democrats would feel the same about harvesting votes.

Nit every mail-in ballot will have been recurved and/or counted by Election Day,


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Trumpys are nervous because they will lose !!..

Doubt it, look at the carnage every single day on the news. It’s the other way around. These are Biden supporters and he better not tell them to stop if he wants them to vote for him, he stays silent, Trump picks up more votes.

Prepare your tissue boxes, LSRS !!..

They all said the same thing 4 years with an even stronger candidate.

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The only voter fraud will be carried out by Trumps mindless drones. If he wins it will be due to Millions of fraud votes and misinformation peddled by Russian supporters about Democrats. With all of Trumps lies and his inability to govern, America risks imploding into a second civil war. Trumps presidential legacy? A destroyed America that becomes a third world nation. Americans that vote for trump are voting for their own misery.

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You have zero evidence that the rioters are Biden supporters.

Not really, care in point, all of these people blame Trump, don’t know know how or why, but they keep saying they won’t stop until change happens, Trump supporters don’t riot.

Unless you’re relying on polls, there is no way you can know whether Hillary was a stronger candidate than Biden.

Even the smartest Democrat knows that Hillary was a better candidate

Not to mention the fact that a lot of republicans are fed up with Trump’s repugnance so won’t be voting for him a second time.

More Americans are tired of Republicans even myself. I don’t like most Republicans either, I’m a conservative, the Republicans can pound sand, but of course the Democrats are more nauseating.

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This is not evidence of support for Biden,

Yes, it is. These people are demanding Dems and in particular Biden to defund the police, abolish ICE and Biden wants to defund or allocate police funds, either way, if he doesn’t do it, he losses a lot of black support.

Now you’re a mind reader. Got it.

Just hearing their comments.

This does nothing to change the fact that a lot of people who voted for Trump, whether you want to label them conservative or Republican, aren’t going to vote for him again.

And with the carnage the Marxists are reaping all over the country Trump has gained supporters, a lot more in fact.


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