U.S. warns it will not let Iran 'slow walk' nuclear talks


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The US knows that it is at fault for the current situation thanks to the last administration, yet is unable to man up and remove the sanctions levied without cause or provocation, to lead the way forward. Expecting Iran to move first is a typical error of the US when negotiating with other parties.

The US moved first in pulling out of a fully complied with agreement. And the US moved first in applying sanctions to an in compliance Iran.

America must now move first in removing sanctions to get Iran back to compliance.

Biden needs to grow a pair and get it done.

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Actually, that is Iran's position in regards to the US.

It has put forward a framework for the Iranian easing its use of the snapback clause, and has been pretty clear that for any negotiations to happen the US has to put forward a framework for the US to actually comply with the terms of the JCPOA.

Of course, the same domestic political problem with the US getting out of the Zannon rabbit hole that caused Trump to abandon even pretending the US would honour the agreement is keeping Biden from being able to spell out how it would go about honoring the JCPOA.

The US can't put forward a rational plan for reentering the deal, because the deal was aimed at forcing the US to see it was being irrational.

So, the US is doing what those who are being irrational do when asked to act rationally, screaming its the other guys fault.

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U.S. warns it will not let Iran 'slow walk' nuclear talks

The US should 'slow walk' this deal until a Republican president is back in office, and knows how to deal with that terrorism-sponsoring regime.

Now that the US is out of Afghanistan, and Iraq basically, it can focus its military resources on eliminating Iran's nuclear program that is designed to produce nuclear weapons.

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First, it is pretty obvious that the opinions and views of those who can't admit that the US is the one that broke (not just bent, or only pretended to be willing to respect, but literally and figuratively BROKE) the JCPOA are worth as much as the opinions and views of those who can't admit that Trump lost.

Secondly, the opinions and views of those who claim that the US can simply crush Iran militarily are worthless, because they ignore the fact that while the US spends millions of times more than Iran on its military, has thousands of times more people actively engaged in military and quasimilitary service than Iran, it struggled to be able to find enough people and capable machinery to deal with a country with effectively no military, no military budget, no industry, no ability to exploit its natural resources, no institutes of learning, no trades people, and literally withdrew in defeat, ending up actually relying on the very people it swore blood vengeance on to protect their retreat. That they cannot see that as a sign that for all its reputation (a product of spending more on the PR for its military than the combined total budget of 90% of the world's militaries, COMBINED) and bloated size, there is NO chance of it carrying out a short, one sided, easy military campaign against a country that maintains a core of a professional military, has advanced industry capable of making high quality products using modern material and technology, from domestically sourced natural resources, thanks to a plethora of institutes of advanced learning, trades people capable of supporting a successful space program and nanotechnology research.

And that is even before taking into consideration that the large, highly literate, well informed population of the intended target will view the attack as an attack on their democracy, their independence, and their society by a ruthless enemy bent on slaughter and effective enslavement.

Third, the people most shrill and persistent in claiming that Iran, by invoking the snapback clause in the JCPOA are in violation of the JCPOA and must come into full compliance before anything else can be considered are exactly the people who would be the most shrill and persistent in stating that, if America had had any chance at pretending it was invoking the snapback clause of the JCPOA in its 'sanctions' against Iran, anything less than a complete, sustained, and verifiable return to compliance would have to proceed even preliminary negotiations about reversing the invocation of the measures authorized by that snapback clause.

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