Video shows armed Belarus president as protests roil capital


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he authoritarian president of Belarus

One of the globe's many authoritarian leaders backed by his neighbor Putin, one of the globe's two most powerful authoritarians.

The size and duration of the protests have been unprecedented for Belarus, a former Soviet republic of 9.5 million people that Lukashenko has ruled harshly for 26 years.

It's encouraging to read about Lukashenko's opposition willingness to challenge his rule. Like the rest of the world - thanks to a free press - the Belarus opposition has seen the way Trump (authoritarian waannabe), Xi and Putin have used their nation's forces AGAINST THEIR OWN CITIZENS. The opposition have lived under the thumb of an authoritarian too long. It's doubtful many want to return to the days of the Soviets, days that Putin and other authoritarians want. While those authoritarians live lavish lifestyles and their people struggle.

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Video shows armed Belarus president as protests roil capital

But a pic of a little girl chasing a balloon is the right choice for a main pic... ok then.

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@KWBO--ha good point. I am sure there were some puppies and kittens frolicking on the fringes too.

But how often do you get to see a paranoid president gripping a rifle as he runs from a helicopter like a bit role in a Steven Seagal action flick. If only there were some way to get a still photo from a news video...

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I predict all the Rambo cosplay will wear out a guy in his 60s, especially when his security detail leaves to be with their family and friends in the peaceful protest rally.

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No particular sympathy for Lukacheko, but a Maidan style color revolution with the globalists trying to get Belarus tied into the EU and NATO would definitely be worse. I hope this ends well.

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Death to the dictator

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NATO needs this excuse, any excuses, otherwise it’s obsolete.

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