Vatican seeks to lure disaffected Anglicans


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I'd say they are five minutes late and a nickel short.

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Hey, you all believe in the same God dontcha? Honestly... it don't make a freakin' difference.

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The Vatican should focus a bit more on it's own disaffected.

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Is this the Vatican's take on a religious M&A?

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I've got to admit that being an Anglican myself, this really does appear bizarre.

Why on earth they feel the need to create a 'mid-way' church is beyond me.

Everyone should be free to worship where and when they wish, however I can understand that this appears to be a move by the Vatican to keep its follwers in the fold; it just seems to be making the rules (as if any were needed) more flexible.

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The sun has set on their church as well. How funny that even the Vatican is pointing this out to them. I almost feel sorry for Australian, Canadian and the assorted commonwealth Anglicans around the world who are still looking to Mother England. What is it like to be a complete anachronism?

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Sheep stealing! In reality, there will be more conversions to Catholicism with the way the world is going. Reason without faith, with freedom as its sole morality, is scary indeed. The Catholic church is very clear on its public stance, with compassion, on many issues that is dividing the rest of Christendom. The Church is defending the very essence of what it means to be human. On the other hand, persecutions will increase because ... of a lot of misunderstandings of what the Church really is. It is Eternal Life/Love, looking one in the face.

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Since Vatican 2 the Catholic Church has become pretty 'Protestantized' in a lot of ways. They won't notice much difference.

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