Venezuela's Maduro attacks 'fascist' protesters for setting man alight

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I tend to think that if people really wanted to burn every accused Chavista in the country, the place would be a volcano. If people in the crowd were saying that they were lynching a thief, I am much more likely to believe that. If you look at how Maduro is going for the "the other guy is worse than Hitler" attack, it smacks of what Putin does to Ukraine... all you have to do is shame the other guy with some atrocity, and that makes your own record look better.

So now that my biases are on the table, all I can say is that I hope Venezuela finds some change soon. They are in bad shape and things are getting worse. The military has been co-opted so badly that they are not going to come in and restore order on behalf of anyone but Maduro, their sugar daddy. The country does not need to be poor and chaotic, but it is, and it is too bad.

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