Venezuela announces nationwide energy rationing


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And once again, the failures of socialism are demonstrated.

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Yea.....hows that revolution thing working out for you Hugo.

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This Chavez...he is doing a bad job, no? Why do they keep reelecting him?

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Why do they keep reelecting him?

It's not too difficult when most of the media are organs of the state and he is a great propagandist. He plays the class-warfare card really very skilfully (i.e. the ills are the a product of the middle and upper classes AND the Gringos). Still, people are beginning to wake up.

Oh, and there is the ever helpful tool known as ballot fraud --of which there have been allegations by Venezuelan academics --oh, wait, academics are in league with the Gringos, so says el jefe.

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This will be the U.S. after four years of Obama.

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"And once again, the failures of socialism are demonstrated."

Heh, the failures of dictatorships you mean.

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No. I joke about him being Dictator-for-life Chavez, but its not quite to that point yet. They are still allowing somewhat free elections, even if they have shut down all the opposition news. Apart from that though, its the failures of socialism that are being demonstrated here, not so much dictatorship. His seizing of the power companies, prevented them from reinvesting their profits, and increasing energy supply, so it would be less dependent on rain. This is a direct failure of socialism, as opposed to capitalism.

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