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Veteran British left-wing disruptor George Galloway wins a special election dominated by war in Gaza


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Sunak said “our democracy itself is a target” for extremists,

Sunak is unelected as Prime Minister, the British Foreign Minister and the Head of State are both also unelected. The Tory government and the opposition Labour party both support the Gaza genocide and a brutal austerity programme that has decimated Britain. Who are the extremists here?

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Galloway has been in politics for something like 4 decades, 3 electorates, 2 parties and 1 message.

His not from Manchester too! Stand tall George.

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with a big Muslim minority following a contest that was mired in chaos and controversy and dominated by the Israel-Hamas war.

Watch as this gets replicated elsewhere

I wouldn’t get too excited, at least not in the UK. This probably would’ve been a comfortable Labour win without the chaos regarding candidates.

Galloway is unusual. He’s probably the best politician in the UK in terms of opportunism, oratorial skills and self-promotion. I can’t stand him but you’ve got to admire the skill set.

Not too many like him.

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In full: Sunak says British democracy is being targeted by extremists.... (allow 1m.50sec)


I contend Sunak's "Galloway" rant took his aides and speech writer hours to script that Downing Street rant...

Bizarrely shallow/hollow in its false premise, a desperate shameful attempt to excuse his Conservative parties failure to select a competent candidate.

Now George Galloway's response....

George Galloway: 'I despise the prime minister'


The brutal scorning, eloquence, from a seasoned anti- political establishment reptile, its emotive rhetorical ferocious shut down of Sunak is both harsh and pointed in its censure.

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Galloway is a straight shooter!

He doesn’t take weakness lightly and will instantly dismiss questions and narratives without foundation.

Love or loath him, he is always thought provoking.

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Both the Labour party and Conservatives take massive donations for wealthy Zionist donors.

The Labour party leader Kier Starmer was very much pro Palestinian until he took control of the party.


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The disconnection between the public and the leadership of the political parties on this issue is stark pretty much across the entirety of the White Bloc, and has been building for decades.

On the other hand, in the democracies outside the White Bloc, there are parties that have either been leaders on this issue for a long time, or have picked up the issue, and are winning elections handily with large public support.

And as the power of the minority White Bloc over countries outside the White Bloc continues to dwindle at an accelerating pace, while the power of the minority White Bloc over the institutions and policies of the 'rules based order' remains overwhelming, things are headed in the direction of a sharp 'revolutionary change' rather than a gradual 'evolution'.

The Japanese government, unless it changes long held positions, could once again find itself on the wrong side of things, at significant costs to the Japanese population.

I, like most of the foreigners who frequent this website are powerless to change what the Japanese government does, but Japanese citizens are, and need to find a way to pretty soon.

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Sunak is unelected as Prime Minister, the British Foreign Minister and the Head of State are both also unelected.

I'm a bit confused, Alfie. No UK Prime Minister or other cabinet members are ever elected directly. They are selected by Members of Parliament who are elected.

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