Veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu sentenced to 7 years


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Not surprising. China leads the world with at least 45 jailed journalists. And this is the country where Snowden initially fled to, ironic.

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Disgraceful. This woman is highly respected among her peers for her intelligence and integrity as a journalist worldwide. Unfortunately, the word integrity doesn't impress the corrupt bully boys at the CCP.

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Hey United States and Japan, where are those economic sanctions? If this was Putin and Russia, sanctions would have already been in place.

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japan4life - you have hit the correct nail on the head- the USA is the driver hear- not Japan- and the US will not do anything to anger China - who owns the US Debt load, supplies the Apple Products to the faithful and is always pointed to as being the next Big Sales Audience.

at least until the next industry is hit with fines and driven from the country for not giving up all their industrial secrets to China....

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"the Communist Party leadership’s resolve to aggressively target civil society and press freedom as a threat to its monopoly on power."

What's up with that, anyway?

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China is a successful state capitalist nation and when you are that successful nobody sanctions you. Not even anti-Communist America. It is up to us to kick China's totalitarian and corrupt ruling clique in the economic butt. Start by boycotting Chinese consumer products. Made in China. Don't buy it. Protest whenever a Chinese official shows up in your country. That's a start. Gao Yu and other brave Chinese dissidents must be freed. That can only be done by making those who jailed them uncomfortable.

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Hey United States and Japan, where are those economic sanctions? If this was Putin and Russia, sanctions would have already been in place.

Why doesn't Japan put sanctions on China? Everyone expects the US to have complete consistency in its foreign policy, but the US needs economic growth, too. It seems to me that Japan is a frequent violator of international sanctions, at least when it can get away with it.

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I would say that the Chinese government should be ashamed, but we all know they could not care any less.

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Part of me would love to lock up for the liars over at Faux News for life. For Abuse of Press Credentials and Crimes Against the Republic.

Just sayin'.

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Seems very similar to the State Secrets law that Abe passed.

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