Video: Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown


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Topple your Corrupt Rulers !

Live in freedom once again !

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Hopefully the next time they oust a dictator and assemble a democratic government, the US will not overthrow it.

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Interesting thing I heard from my Iranian co-worker. The Khamenei gets a 20-30% "tax" cut from everything Iran that is sold from the country. Yeah,

Hopefully the next time they oust a dictator and assemble a democratic government, the US will not overthrow it.

Oh, it wasn't that simple. Read up on the causes of what lead up to the Iranian revolution. The US wasn't the only one with it's fingers trying to manipulate Iran. Bad leaders are bad leaders no matter who "supports" them.

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Stand with the people of Iran - they're fed up with the regime and want true freedom, dignity and respect.

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Surprising videos of Iranian protestors going around the flags of US & Israel on the pavement (instead of trampling over in disrespect)

"Iran students refuse to walk over US and Israeli flags"

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist, tweeted: “Watch how Iranian students refuse to step on American & the flag of Israel. This should embarrassed Iranian regime & their propaganda funeral for #Soleimani where people were told to chant ‘Death To America’. Now people in Iran chanting ‘Death to Islamic Republic dictatorship.'”

Many students at a university in Tehran have openly avoided walking over US and Israeli flags in an apparent show of defiance again the Iranian government.

Video shows the students walking around, rather than across, the flags at Shahid Beheshti University campus. The flags were painted on the ground so that those walking along the route would thereby insult both countries - which Iran considers staunch enemies.

Thousands of protesters chanting anti-government slogans have taken to the streets after Iran's military admitted it had mistakenly downed a passenger plane.

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Ah, the friends that Japan keeps!

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Yet, the US is the bad guy...

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Live in freedom once again !

Like they did under the Shah?

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