Video shows shirtless New York judge shove police officer


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Disbar him.

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A judge without a shirt gives like a shoulder shove to a police officer while successfully trying to use connections as a get out of jail free card. Okay, but I’m missing the deeper message. Would it have less of a crime if he had been well dressed?

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just handcuff both of them, what a shame

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So now you have half-dressed judges in nice, expensive neighborhoods shouting, swearing, yelling and shoving cops? America's social and moral decline into full idiocracy is full steam ahead.

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Sigh, here goes the "entitled" elitism fanatics again. Abuse of power is the basic term of this. As long as law enforcement is doing its job as required by law this hilarious excuse of a judge should be smart enough to step back and deal with things legally. But nope, "I'm friends with the mayooooooorrrrr, I'll have youuuurrrrr jooooob! Because I think I'm a bigwig and my family should be above the laaaaaaaaw I supposedly swore to uphold!"

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His lawyer lamely explains why he shoved the officer... like what? It's Ok?

The judge should have been charged with obstructing the duties of a police officer and spent a night in jail. Anybody else, and they'd have been arrested and charged. Ditto HonestDictator.

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Crazy Trump's America..

Looooool !!..

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The more I see Trumpland, the more I love Japan !!..

Sorry, no bonus..

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Cuomo's buddy??  no wonder he name drops and tries to pull rank.  That's how they roll.

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I'm not sure whats worse. A shirtless judge pushing a police officer or getting into a neighborly dispute where the police need to be called. I would have thought judges would make good neighbors. I wonder what the dispute was about in the first place. Loud music?

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Lucky he got taken in in a squad car and not a body bag because the cop wasn't "in fear of his life" and so didn't fill him full of lead. It's been known to happen even without touching a cop.

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Erie County District Attorney John Flynn’s office announced in July that it had reviewed the altercation and would not charge anyone involved with a crime. Police Capt. Jeff Rinaldo told the station it was the officers’ decision not to charge Grisanti because he “didn’t tackle anyone. He didn’t punch him. He gave him like a shoulder shove.”

Weird that these defenses don’t work for minorities.

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I'd hate to think what would have happened if the judge were black.

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Mods: The headline is incorrect, this guy is a justice, not a judge:

*New York Supreme Court *justice 

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