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Vietnam clamps down on anti-China protests


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Never too late, ensure the safety of innocent workers and foreign businesses.

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Too late, when foreign workers gets killed and injured, your gov't has lost all credibility. Take Japan-China frozen relationship for these several years, have you ever heard of Japanese nationals getting killed in China because of protests? No. It doesn't matter how bad things go, people's lives are protected to the fullest.

That's exactly the opposite in Vietnam. And from how the protest are still going and escalating, it seems to me that they are organized by the gov't or someone behind the scenes. You just don't see this in Vietnam and China. Something more sinister is at play here.

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Sorry but there's just no excuse for killing innocent people like this, whatever the provocation. It sounds to me that the state-encouraged protests got out of hand and now they are worried about a massive Chinese pull-out.

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According to The Economist magazine, the Vietnamese government is in a corner. They have promoted patriotism and are rightly proud of their history, which includes victories against much larger countries.

Now that the Chinese are grabbing large parts of their marine territories the populace expects them to react firmly (and successfully). If they don't they will be seen as not fit to rule. If they clamp down on anti Chinese protests they will be seen as lackies of the Chinese.

Where to from here?

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"Sorry but there's just no excuse for killing innocent people like this," Guess what, no country is going to come to the aid of Vietnam, certainly not the USA. Be careful Vietnam, the Putin lesson plan on protecting its citizens is in the shadows.

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noriyosan73 it made be harder to defeat Vietnam than people think. They defeated the Americans and did a good job against the Chinese last time. They are not Ukrainian "non fighters" that will melt away with a Russian advance. There is also the fact that they hate each other so strongly. Throughout time China has wanted to control Vietnam. So they will fight the Communist Chinese. The other countries in Asia should send them arms to defend themselves.

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@garymalmgren: You should give Vietnam authority some credits for trying their best to clamp down last week riots. There are many causes for the riot at Formosa construction site, including local workers are being mistreated and a some haven't been paid by China's contractors.... and I think here is the main one..

In the news last week reported a mass poisoning of 700 workers, mostly females in a shoe factory in the north. The suspected chemical used in the water is a odorless neuron chemical agent. Vietnam's official state media removed most reports and don't even mention this event: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2014/05/18/2003590635

Google translate to read this article: http://www.thanhnien.com.vn/pages/20140515/vu-hang-tram-cong-nhan-nhap-vien-sau-khi-uong-nuoc-khong-phat-hien-chat-doc.aspx

This factory is located in the same northern province with Formosa construction site, where China nationals and local construction workers clashed at the site in the following day. More than a 150 injuries and two fatalities. It was a very volatile weeks for Vietnam !.


Be careful Vietnam, the Putin lesson plan on protecting its citizens is in the shadows.

I fully agree !

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it was China's fault why Vietnam did what they have to do. Soon the Philippines will rise up and there are millions of Chinese there! Don't even think about it China

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If Vietnam was half its salt they would have focused more on military defense against China and clamped down on the rioting well before it began. While China's actions have instigated the riots, it is still no reason to have done what they did.

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