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Violence rocks Cairo as Islamists claim election lead


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Like Iran 1979, after the Shah step down, the state run by a PM and later taken over by religious fanatics. History repeats!

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It was predicted.

But Obama and Sarkozy threw Mubarak in front of the bus anyway.

My heart goes out to the Coptic minority.

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Islamic leaders! Good luck with that. Say goodbye to freedom and any form of happiness...

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They've had an Islamic government for quite a while. I don't things will change all that much no matter what group gets into power. Although the copts and any other non-islamic religious followers might get targeted more if not officially hunted out and persecuted for not following government religious dictate.

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Violence, and Islamists? Together? Must be some mistake.

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Dam those Islamist, Coptics, Jews and Moderate Muslims should form a Secular State, under Mubaraks time the economy was at 7% GDP

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I just saw a horrible picture/video of a poor young Egyptian woman being beaten and stripped of her clothes by the Egyptian army for protesting against the EGYPTIAN ARMY. I am not Egyptian, nor a Muslim, but I bet many, many regular Arabs, Muslims, Egyptian are going to see how evil their army is and all hell is going to break loose real soon!

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What would you expect from a religious nation of haters, hardly going offer cakes and tea to each other are they.

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@Export, this is not a nation of haters, people in Egypt want their FREEDOM, their stupid army is abusing it's power, plain and simple.

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Mubarak's old Egyptian army is just doing what they used to do.

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