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Virus cases spike after Australia cruise ship stand-off ends


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So, Australia will fly hundreds of infected people back to Europe?

That doesn’t make sense, does it?

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I can understand the reluctance to allow people from these ships to disembark. Depending on location and timing it could overwhelm a local medical system. But are they then to be doomed to stay on the ocean until all aboard have died or what? This seems to be an issue crying out for international agreements to be made.

And then there’s the Holland America cruise ship carrying four dead bodies and more than 100 sick crew members and passengers arrived in Florida I think. Haven’t read the news if it yet today.

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Will these dozens of cruise ship infected by counted as numbers in an "International conveyance"?

From this point forward, ANY person of ANY age should be refused insurance as soon as they set foot upon a cruise ship. Period. This reckless industry is truly awful, and has cost the world billions of dollars and untold deaths.

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So many cruise ships are stranding at sea all over the world according to news, more infected and would die. Cruise ship is virus/bacteria incubator like petri-dish. It seems Japan was lucky as it had one ship.

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Why on earth are there still people on cruises? When did people start this trip? People are insane to take holidays abroad now.

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Cruise ships can last up to 3 months at sea for some packages... so yes, we will see more cases.

I feel sorry for those who have splashed out their life savings for a last fling of enjoyment before retirement, and also somewhat, to the operators of these Cruises - since no one will ever do a cruise again within the foreseeable future.

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