Virus hospitalizations surge as pandemic shadows U.S. election


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Who’s going to tell us today that the coronavirus is no big deal because the CFR is low? Never mind the finite number of hospital beds being filled.

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Trump's failures are literally killing Americans.

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October was the deadliest month for the US since the pandemic began.

Trump's mostly mask-less rallies are considered responsible for over 700 deaths so far.

Economies recover. Dead people don't.

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Trump is not reponsible for 700 deaths and nor is he killing Americans. If any please blame the Communist Party of China for engineering this virus and by accidental release into the public.

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So much for the CDC.

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Trump is not reponsible for 700 deaths

He's responsible for the deaths of thousands.

And as for blabbering on about China, it is exactly the same virus that the rest of the world is dealing with. Where it originated is irrelevant (no one blames the USA for Spanish flu).

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When I think of record numbers of Americans being hospitalized, I think of record profits for hospitals, drug companies and health insurance companies.

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Coronavirus, stand back and stand by.

No effect. Virus smarter than Drumpf.

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After this bruising election even more hospital beds will be required. A lot more people are going to sicken, whoever wins.

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Let me guess all the Trump supporters will say this is fake news ?

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