Anti-virus measures stop legal return of thousands to New Zealand


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Indeed we the citizens will remember for life the actions taken for our protection. We are thankful.

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Yes, I agree and have never suggested otherwise.

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Ok, then. Not gloating, At least you can both agree “There is going to be a winter spike…” ?

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No one is gloating. He was told to be patient many times.

There is going to be a winter spike and he will be back for sure.

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So just writing a counter-argument to every statement they make seems better sport than the poor form of just gloating, eh mate?

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New Zealand and Australia actions will never be forgotten.

Indeed we the citizens will remember for life the actions taken for our protection. We are thankful.

Gross neglect for their citizens.

That is a BS statement.

Overreach in power that has damaged society and trust in government.

You will find Australian and NZ citizens are grateful for the protections provided by our governments and that they have protected society as best they could and better than most nations have managed. The fake narrative provided by outsiders is not accepted by the vast majority of us that actually live here.

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Oh come on smh. The bloke was writing an essay every day with reams of numbers. It is kind of funny.

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@Joffy - "What a disgrace the leaders in those two countries were over the last year. They are finally starting to realize their errors. Too late."

No, Ms. Ardern and Mr. Morison are not realizing their errors. Quite proud of theirselves, from my perspective.

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Now if only these people were Olympic athletes. They would have gotten priority within one hour.

When I said months ago NZ was using draconian measures and it will get worse as the people relinquish more and more rights to the government many here laughed and said I was exaggerating.

Well look at things now!

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Heavens sake it's kith and kin.

There has to be a means, a logical procedure to deal with this.

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As part of its effort to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, New Zealand requires all returning citizens and residents — whether vaccinated or not — to spend 14 days isolating in a hotel run by the military.

Because demand is far outstripping supply, New Zealanders are being locked out indefinitely, despite the right of return enshrined in New Zealand's constitution and in international law.

Aren't all quarantine expenses paid by arrivals? If so why does accommodation supply remain short? More hotels can be available and cooperative with the state policy. Likewise surveillance doesn't have to be made by the military.

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For many trying to come home, it has been particularly galling that sports stars, politicians and other selected high-flyers glide through the system with guaranteed spots upon their return.

I am on that list.

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NZ continues to do an awesome job of keeping people safe and covid free. It is taking sensible precautions but sports people should not get preferential placement for returning citizens. They should line up like all the others and if they choose not to be kept out for months or years then they have the option to no go in the first place. That would free up places for those needing to return.

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And it is a slap in the face if they allow rugby players or other high profile people to skip the line and enter with little or no worries.

This is the new normal. One set of rules for "important people" and another set for the plebs.

This won't end well.

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Double vaccinated but unable tobteturm home.....a mother who flew out to see a distressed daughter...

NZ approach worked until now but Delta changed things...the country will not be able to keep zero Covid anymore , period.....cases like this are cruel and cruel and Jacinta,?

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While I am generally supportive of the initial effort at zero Covid, THIS I have a problem with.

I do not see how a country can refuse its own citizens entry.

Quarantine space is limited? Then expand it. There is lots of space in NZ and it's not like the Army is overly taxed fighting off Orcs.

And for starters, let's dispense with the hotel quarantine requirement for double vaxed Kiwis. If they are PCR negative at departure and PCR negative at arrival, then home confinement for a period of time is just fine.

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I know a guy that moved back to New Zealand last year and still hasn't seen his new born baby that was born in Japan earlier this year.

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What insanity

Same thing happening in Australia even within the country with thousands of people in different states locked out of returning to their homes in other states. Some are camped out in tents on the borders! And the leaders say it is all about the science and the masses, cowering in their homes in utter fear created by those same political masters, applaud this going on.

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Unconstitutional and inhumane. Who would have imagined this coming from New Zealand?

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On what grounds is New Zealand keeping these citizens out of the country? Tourists I can understand, foreign dignitaries sure. Athletes of course, but your own citizens who have been vaccinated or have tested negative, not to be able to return home and have no idea when they can, I am really surprised New Zealand is doing this.

And it is a slap in the face if they allow rugby players or other high profile people to skip the line and enter with little or no worries.

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So, so dumb. Glad I don't need to go there!

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COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins

“We want to assure Kiwis overseas that we are doing everything we can to facilitate their safe return," he said.

everything we can, but not everything we should...

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