Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report

By Joseph Ax

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Democrats need to be clear.

"We think he is guilty of this and more, but impeachment won't get him out of office due to the Senate, so we'll be working FOR the American people instead of wasting time. We'll do our part. We need for the voters to do their part too."

Then the Dems need to put up a candidate who doesn't scare the middle voters with far left agendas.

That is how they will win the White House in 2020.

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In short...


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Even 18 months away, the House committees' subpoenas won't even make it through the courts before the election, let alone conducting the investigation, leaving an impeachment trial at best, at the same time as an election campaign.

The time for impeachment is past, at least if and until Trump is re-elected.

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More than 30 Democratic representatives, many of whom are in their first term, represent districts that supported Trump in 2016. The party's chances of keeping control of the U.S. House of Representatives likely hinge its ability to defend those seats.

If they can get enough illegals to vote, they might just do it.

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If they can get enough illegals to vote, they might just do it. is the worst of this claim and only 1500 people were improperly registered. There were about 23,000 other errors with the DMV system.

A few Republicans in NC did more voter fraud last November. They redid that election and the Rep candidate in Nov wasn't on the ballot because of a few bad people thinking their illegal actions wouldn't be noticed and would help. Both were wrong.

I'm having issues with illegal immigrants getting driver's licenses. Can't believe that is allowed.

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Party leaders played down talk of impeachment

Wimps! Hey, at least Elizabeth Warren is calling for impeachment! Yeah! Go get him!

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If these Democrats wish to retain their elected seats, they should be demanding an investigation into the suspicious actions of politically biased members of the FBI, DOJ, and Obama’s Whitehouse who created a false Steele report, lied to the FISA court, and attempted to overturn Hillary’s failed 2nd attempt to become President. If they’re in favor of investigations, then they should be in favor of all investigations.

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