VX nerve agent found on Kim Jong-Nam's face: Malaysian police


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The DPRK got caught red handed and playing the old denying game by accusing the victim instead. The VX nerve agent could be brought to Malaysia via diplomatic pouch or N. Korean agents (planners & killers). The symptom of heart attack was consistent with VX's effect. It can can be handled safely without touching handler's skin since one drop would kill. There should be an international outcry, especially U.N. against one of its member , The DPRK. Communist China got bitten twice so far since two N. Korean China's sympathizers were killed recently by the young fat dictator Kim, dis uncle and half-step brother. China is playing a loosing game with these vicious gangsters/ self-serving cultists of Kim's dynasty.

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Police have acknowledged that his diplomatic status prevents them from questioning him unless he surrenders himself.

I never understood how diplomatic immunity trumps the countries law in case of murder/assassination.

And holy crap, they are playing with VX in public. "Her put this on his face and then go wash your hands".

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I never understood how diplomatic immunity trumps the countries law in case of murder/assassination.

Actually, there is no diplomatic immunity for crimes that are completely unconnected with diplomacy so the individuals will be arrested the minute they step out of the embassy. Unfortunately, what they are being protected by is the immunity of the embassy from being entered and searched by the host nation. Theoretically the Malaysians could expel everyone in the embassy and shut it down and that's probably what will happen.

Some of the more extreme cases of diplomatic immunity have protected diplomats who kill a pedestrian while driving drunk, but only if they were returning from an embassy party or something similar. No diplomat can legitimately claim immunity for murder (unless maybe the two countries agreed to kill someone).

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Thanks for that explanation

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Well, the Malaysian authorities have asked the North Korean embassy to voluntarily submit themselves to questioning. Good luck with that. They will claim diplomatic immunity and unfortunately, in this case at least, you can’t smash the doors of that hideout saying “diplomatic immunity has just been revoked” and then shoot the lot between the eyes. These people can only be taken into custody when the North Korean government waives their diplomatic immunity and that is not going to happen. The malatsian authorities can declare them persona non grata and throw them out of the country, no doubt soon to be replaced with a fresh bunch of thugs. Same if a drunk driving diplomat kills a local, he or she can claim diplomatic immunity (refusing to undergo a breathalyzer test or claiming to have driven the car for consular activities) and the authorities can do nothing else other than to ask to have their diplomatic immunity waived. Sometimes that happens, but usually it doesn’t.

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The Malaysian government should just turn off the water and electricity and stop all deliveries from reaching the NK embassy. Wouldn't take long for them to come out.

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@serend:yors is the best idea

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" What an Interesting Development " THIS is.

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US media does nq ignore this new development. Maybe NK diplomats are all scared, They don't know if thaw are targeted from their gov't. They need some countries accepted them as poliq assylws.

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