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Waiting for Biden: Impatience about 2016 takes chaotic turn


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One more democratic imbecile in the mix won't change anything. Biden's just another old, confused liberal who will be saddled with Obama administration's increasing unpopularity. It’s only the liberal media that wants him to run, the rest of the world just views him as a walking punch line for late night talk shows.

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The Democrats have a real mess. They are up to their ears in the Clinton dung pile and do not know how to dig out. What an absolute delight to sit by and watch.

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Biden has a chance at the nomination. Hillary is in deep doo-doo with potential obstruction of justice and the sensitive emails she tried to hide. Thursday is a juicy Benghazi hearing with the supposed political diva with plenty of new evidence. That said when I watched the dem debate when Sanders defended her email business she seemed to know what hew was going to say. Almost as if the DNC planned for Hillary to prevail.

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Not only are democrats aware of Mrs. Bill Clinton's numerous lies and scandals, they are also very aware of her husband's behavior while in the White House that culminated in him being that only U.S. President to be impeached in that 20th century.

Members of the Jackass Party know she can't be elected with this much baggage, so they are now despartly turning elsewhere; even if it means seriously looking at a guy who was forced to drop out of the 2008 race for U.S. President could not even carry his home state in the Democratic Primaries.

Run, Joe, run . . . .

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The lack of comments from the left here is telling. Frankly, it does not matter whether he runs or not: He and Hillary are so close they could be twins. While Bernie's candidacy has had the felicitous result of pulling Hillary to the left, the only real upside to a Biden candidacy would be insurance in case Hillary dies (and not, as some believe, that the GOP will come up with something new to discredit her. How's that Benghazi investigation going?)

My guess is that he will not run.

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Let's wait until Thursday to comment on Benghazi. Hillary claimed full cooperation previously when the servers were still secret. They are under FEDERAL ingestion for any wrongdoing. And many borderline emails found and sensitive and potentially compromised emails found.

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If Biden decides to run, Mrs. Bill Clinton's campaign would be abandoned by most regressives immediately. The Left is DESPERATE for a viable candidate. Mrs. Bill Clinton couldn't even beat Obama eight years ago.

Run, Joe, run . . . .

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Now the families of those killed in Benghazi will get answers about Hillaries email servers.

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Ah, Benghazi. Jeb! now has a new theme: "My brother kept us safe.*" Interesting how he relies on punctuation instead of passion. I do look forward to hearing Hillary testify at the Derail Hillary Com - uh, Benghazi Committee (sorry - even the Republicans have difficulty keeping a straight face on this farce). After the $4 million the GOP has spent so far, it'd be sad if they had to go home without even an autograph or something.

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Only Biden can beat Trump.

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"The lack of comments from the left here is telling. "

This is simply not news. There is not a whole lot to say. If I had to guess, I would say that Dems know what is going to work and what isn't. There is not a whole lot of space for Biden to fill. For exactly the same reason, Bernie knows he is not going to get the nomination.

The GOP has all the excitement this year. Enjoy it.

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And it may well be too late. Even if Biden does run, polls show he's in 3rd place well behind Hillary and even a bit behind Sanders.

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