Brexit trade talks: both EU and UK dig in heels


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“Under any circumstance, our fishermen should not be sacrificed for Brexit," French President Emmanuel Macron

Macon already has!

Macron prattling petulance, mixed with his over-inflated ego will leave France fisheries lain to waste.

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'The fishermen will not in any situation be those sacrificed to Brexit. We didn't choose Brexit. Preserving access for our fishermen to British waters is an important point for us.'

This is French President Emmanuel Macron full comment on the subject matter (fisheries)...

The centime still fails to drop. Contained with his statement is the answer to Macron conceit and hubris ....

British Waters.

One cannot negotiate when the article in question, or in this case access to British coastal waters was never open to negotiation in the fist place!

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The UK is going to die, lol

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Quietus, well for the UK, also for EU neighboring coastal EU members will be challenging.

I hope that UK Government finds a way to compensate Ireland and its people.

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British Waters.

If only it were that simple. Ownership of waters might be clear, but ownership of quotas seems more complicated. I don't claim to understand all the details, just that it seems a bit of a mess.

Some articles (don't be put off by the greenpeace link, it's quite informative):

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The UK is going to die, lol

Awful comment.

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Well, you can't win 'em all.

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"Macron prattling petulance, mixed with his over-inflated ego will leave France fisheries lain to waste."

What about Boris Johnson's ego! This populist and incompetent leader is leading his country to disaster . His Brexit campaign was built on lies and misinformation. I would trust Macron anytime.

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Tobia, agree, or disagree, can we both, can aspect, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Boris Johnson have a agenda?

So what does that mean to you?

Sorry to ask

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sorry on a tram

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Multi comments, however the trade between the UK and EU is a trillion Euros plus.

How many jobs does that represent?

How does that split between member states?

German car industry alone will face a tariff wall close to 2 billion euros.

Politics and people you just don't get it.

It is crash and burn.

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I guarantee that life will go on...,

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There will once again be a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland leading to a resumption of the Troubles and Scotland will press forward with independence. The eventual terms of trade with the EU matter much as the UK dissolves. It's going to be lonely for the English surrounded by hostile neighbors on all sides.

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No British Government would erect a border of any description between North and South. It just isn't going to happen.

EU simply doesn't not have the political power/influence to create one.

That has been proven by the manner in which Johnson Government has ridden rough should over the withdrawal agreement.

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