Walmart requests refund after U.S. senator's 'hanging' remark


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Her career is done. Hopefully. Some things cannot be joked about in politics. Period.

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I hope Google demands their donation back, as well.

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Calling making it “just a little more difficult” for some university students to vote a “great idea” is outrageous. You’re not supposed to publicly admit to voter suppression, silly!

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Her subsequent statements were "I stand by my comment." She really meant it. 

Good for WalMart and all the other companies demanding their campaign donations be returned. While the GOP seems to have no problem with racist candidates or racists in general, it's heartening to see corporate America still finds racism repugnant.

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"She's a fine Christian woman

Says a lot about how this man understands his religion.

No doubt all who claim people should 'let the market decide' can see where Walmart's coming from. A southern hq-ed company, one of America's largest has let its politics be known, that racism is unacceptable. Progress, a dirty word to those stuck in the past.

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U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, what a disgusting thing to say for a person in your position! I hope ALL contributors demand ALL of their monies back and cut all ties.

Childish Gambino said it best :

"This is America"

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