Walmart shooting raises need for violence prevention at work


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All politicians from both main parties, the Republicans and the Democrats are responsible for the mass shooting because they lack the political will to do anything to change the sickness of America.

Only 14 states have any form of gun registration.

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Workplace violence is a situation that you never think is going to happen to your organization until it does, and unfortunately, it’s important to prepare for them because they are becoming more commonplace,” Peterson said.

"Dying for the minimum wage".

Another one of the conundrums of American late stage capitalism.

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deeply rotten society with long history of mass murdering and genocide/killing.

american native indians killed by white colonists from Europe than white "americans",many innocent civilians from countries attacked by USA after WW2...

this cant be solved overnight.

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The 'arms race' mentality will kick in here.

In response to violent incidents, workplace surveillance policies will be rolled out, everyone monitoring everyone else.

In response to such policies, violent individuals will make a greater effort to appear relaxed and happy. Maybe everyone will, for fear of losing their job if they lose their temper. Voicing concerns about someone may become a new method of workplace bullying/office politics.

Of course just getting rid of all the guns would be far too cheap and sensible.

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6 victims shot and killed in a Virginia Walmart include a 16-year-old boy, authorities say

(news quote)

To the pro gun Trump 2A Tucker/Alex Jones/Hannity crowd, question:

Should 16-year-olds be allowed to carry? Wouldn't it be fair? It might have saved this boy if he had been able to carry.

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But I need a gun so I can protect my family. It's my right as an American...

It's ironic. They "need" their guns to "protect themselves and loved ones." But all we hear is mass shootings at supermarkets and schools, and never about someone actually using their guns to "protect" and take down any of these murderers.

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America's open gun laws contribute to inflation. Also, just because there is armed security it usually doesn't help anyway. Look at the Orlando gay club shooting. They had armed security and it did nothing to stop 50 dead any many injured.

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Violence prevention begins with sensible gun laws.

They spend all of this time and energy on discussing what they should do, but the root of the problem is that there are too many angry people easily getting their hands on guns. Then there’s also the attention getter aspect where the shooter gets his few days of fame on CNN.

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The land of guns where are more important than people.

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I didn't write my last comment very well.

The Land of the Free where guns are more important than lives.

600+ mass shootings for 2022. The third year in a row.

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