Warren says tech giants have 'too much power,' need breakup


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Competition is the heart of the market economy. How will Trumpophiles try to argue against increasing competition? Oh, they won't. They will simply start screaming Socialism! Democrats! Take away our cows!

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No, not necessarily, but the way the tech giants have been operating, Google, Facebook and Twitter you have to seriously ask yourself, these companies have been accused by millions of people for being politically one-sided in their treatment and how they deal with conservative ideas, news, advertisements and bloggers. That is one issue that is very concerning and needs to be reprimanded.

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Let me tell you something: You know who led the charge in the last couple of decades for benefits like extended paid parental leave and health benefits for same sex domestic partners (prior to nationwide same sex marriage)? It wasn't the small local boutique or the neighborhood mom-and-pop diner. It was "big corporations".

And to Elizabeth Warren: you really think that reparations, gloating pride in driving Amazon out of NY before they even got there, and breaking up some of America's most iconic tech companies will turn any Trumpy counties blue?

The Democrats should and ought to have an easy win in 2020, but they seem to be doing everything they can to sabotage it.

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The Democrats should and ought to have an easy win in 2020, but they seem to be doing everything they can to sabotage it.

Yup! Cannot argue with you on that fact and they’re doing it faster than I had imagined.

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I can't disagree that Alphabet and FB are monopolies and should be broken up. Privacy laws need to be tightened too. But I doubt there will be any action, just more window dressing....

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LOL, if only our beloved democrats were more slavishly devoted to benevolent corporations operating like monopolies.

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Alex Jones says Google is evil. I dunno, I use it all the time to Google stuff without a problem, but there are alternatives that work well for those who don't want to use Google.

a "wealth tax" plan on households with high net worth

That's not gonna do the economy any good.

The Democrats should and ought to have an easy win in 2020

Kidding, right? What, with all of Trump's accomplishments in just 2 years and more to come even with all the obstructionists working against him? The Democrats have an uphill battle in 2020, they're gonna need Hillary to come back and save them, lol.

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Friday rolled out a proposal to break up the biggest U.S. technology companies, saying they have too much control over the economy and Americans' lives.

In her pitch to rein in the influence of tech giants, the Massachusetts senator envisions legislation targeting companies with annual worldwide revenue of $25 billion or more, limiting their ability to expand and forcing parts of Google and Amazon's current business structure to operate as separate entities.

Well, it looks like Warren's campaign is all but over. Google has the ability to control a very large portion of who, and what, can be posted on the internet. Buh bye, Elizabeth.

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CrazyJoe - The Democrats should and ought to have an easy win in 2020, but they seem to be doing everything they can to sabotage it.

Lol. It's true that the Democrats have rounded up every hate-Trump group under one banner, but they haven't figured out a way to control the hate. Which of the currently available candidates can the haters rally behind? Remember the Bernie vs Hillary debacle? That was a piece of cake compared to the up coming circus.

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Got to give Liz credit. She needs to raise an issue the other nomination contenders haven’t used yet.

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AT&T Breakup all over again.

Question is why ?

Perhaps Government fear over who has most influence ?

If so, then why not start focusing upon Religions.... ah but, that would be against the constitution, but then isn't this an attack upon free enterprise ?

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Why limit just tech?

There are many companies showing "bad" behavior.

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