Wary Greeks look to election with trepidation


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Which party will take a slight majority of the vote is unclear. What is clear is that weeks of negotiation to form a government lay ahead as Greece runs out of money by the end of June. In the end, everyone loses...

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There is no solution to the Greek mess except a Euro exit. And only Tsipras is honest enough to mention that. That the pro Euro parties still believe that Greece can be transformed into a southern Germany by austerity and "reforms" is beyond absurd.

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Greece looks like a selfish child, throwing her toys out of the pram.

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the euro project was doomed from the start. common sense and basic economics was all you needed to see that. but pointing out the obvious got you called 'xenophobic' (ironic the etymology there, as it is greece who wants out now...) or worse you were a 'racist.'

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